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Company health management (BGM)

Company health management (BGM) is a systematic and strategic management concept that deals with improving the health and performance of employees in the company. The aim of BGM is to minimize health risks in the workplace and to promote the health of employees. This can include measures such as workplace health promotion, stress management, ergonomic workplace design and health advice.

As a company, you can carry out the BGM yourself, or you can commission external service providers to do it. It can take place at different levels, for example at the organizational level, at the individual level or at the level of workplace design.

The introduction of a BGM has many advantages for your company. On the one hand, it can help to reduce sick leave and thus employee downtime, which in turn can increase productivity and thus the competitiveness of the company. On the other hand, workplace health management can help employees feel more comfortable at work and are therefore more motivated. In the long term, workplace health management can also help to improve the company's image as an attractive employer.

How can TOLYMP help with the introduction of a BGM?

As a supplier of sports and fitness equipment, we can support you in various ways in promoting people's health and performance.

  •  Advice and information: We are at your side to advise you on the selection of sports and fitness equipment and inform you about the various possibilities and advantages of using it.
  • Offers for home use: We also offer your employees sports and fitness equipment for home use so that they can also exercise regularly at home.
  • Courses and workshops: Together with partner companies, we offer courses or workshops in which your employees learn how to use the equipment correctly and what exercises are most suitable for them.
  • Rental of equipment: If required, we will also rent you fitness equipment if you are not yet 100% sure whether these company health measures will bring real benefit to your employees.

Feel free to contact us, our team will advise you without obligation and free of charge.