payment and delivery

  • With which forwarding agency or parcel service will the goods be delivered?
    Due to the large dimensions and package weights, we deliver the V2A stainless steel products via a general cargo carrier. They will contact you by telephone before the goods are delivered in order to find out the exact delivery modalities...Learn More
  • How long is the delivery time, I need the parts very urgently?
    The current delivery time of our gymnastics bars can be found on the product page in the upper part. We produce almost all products on site under our own management. So we need that one over there...Learn More
  • Is it possible to collect the goods yourself?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to collect our products yourself for logistical reasons. If you need the goods a little faster than the delivery time stated in the shop, let us know your...Learn More
  • Is shipping to Switzerland and Liechtenstein possible?
    Yes, we also deliver regularly to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The resulting fees for preparing the customs documents, import duties, etc. are included in the shipping costs and are paid by…Learn More


  • Doesn't the stainless steel get very hot in summer due to the sun's rays?
    Fortunately, this fear is unfounded. Instead, the stainless steel reflects much of the sun's rays, leaving the poles and posts only lukewarm.
  • Are the TOLYMP products certified according to DIN 16630 and DIN 1176?
    Most of our devices are certified according to the relevant DIN standards for use in public areas, eg parks, freely accessible playgrounds and sports fields. These certifications were developed in close collaboration...Learn More
  • Can the device also be set up on a slope / on a mountain?
    Yes, that's entirely possible. In this case, the posts pointing to the mountain must be concreted in a little deeper than the lower posts on the “valley side”. Of course, this can increase the usable height…Learn More
  • Can the gymnastics and trim stations also be set up mirror-inverted?
    Yes, a mirror-inverted structure is possible with all of our products. If you are not quite sure or have more specific ideas, please contact us. Here goes...Learn More
  • Can the bar also be used to attach a swing?
    Yes, you can also hang a swing for smaller children on the rail; many customers do that. The easiest way to do this is simply loop the swing rope around the bar. The following…Learn More
  • Are rubber fall protection plates also available for padding?
    Rubber slabs are often found on public playgrounds, which are laid under the playground equipment as fall protection. These slabs of rubber granulate are ideal for designing the subsurface under our…Learn More
  • Are the gymnastics bars also available in other widths instead of 140 cm?
    Yes! We also have longer gymnastics bars in a reinforced design, ie higher wall thickness and double strap for fastening with four screws, in our program. These can be selected directly as a product option for normal gymnastics, for…Learn More
  • How strong are the gymnastics bars and the other training elements?
    Each training element (exercise bar, dip bars, human flag bar, rung ladder) can be loaded up to 150 kg.
  • At what heights can the gymnastics bar be set?
    Stainless steel gymnastics equipment with a maximum height of 240 cm: The bar can be adjusted to 25 heights in 9 cm increments, i.e. a height between 15 cm and 240 cm. Stainless steel gymnastics equipment with a special height of…Learn More
  • How is the gymnastics bar secured against twisting?
    It is attached using two M12 screws that are screwed into the tube from both ends. A CNC-milled turned part is welded into the tube for this purpose, which has the M12 thread. ...Learn More

construction and assembly

  • Can the gymnastics equipment be taken with you or dismantled if you move later?
    Yes, with a little effort it is quite possible. We recommend setting the posts in concrete in addition to a plastic tube, which you can later remove from the concrete foundation. In these steps you should…Learn More
  • Is there a set-up service for setting up the devices?
    Self-assembly: A floor plan and general assembly instructions are available for each system, with the help of which assembly with a little manual skill is also very easy to do on your own.…Learn More
  • How should the V2A stainless steel material be cared for?
    Basically, the entire system requires very little care and cleaning. For cleaning, you can use a commercially available stainless steel cleaner from the household sector (e.g. for extractor hoods). Warning: Please do not use the…Learn More
  • If plug-in sleeves are not sufficient for fastening in the ground, why do the posts have to be cemented in?
    Concreting the posts in the ground is absolutely necessary in order to achieve a permanently stable and secure attachment. We urgently advise against other methods, as they do not provide permanent stability...Learn More
  • How do I achieve a vertical and parallel alignment of all components to each other?
    The success of the correct installation is reflected in a 100% parallel and aligned alignment of the posts to one another while maintaining the required distance exactly. Only then is it possible to use the gymnastics bar...Learn More
  • How is the gymnastics bar or gymnastics bar set up?
    Each delivery includes assembly instructions and a foundation plan. You need a spade, a spirit level, a mixing barrel for mixing the ready-mixed concrete and tools for fastening the screws. At…Learn More