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Expand your TOLYMP system from the Cross series with a swing.
When selecting the components used, we have chosen the best and most stable individual parts that money can buy today.
You get a very durable and stable swing that your whole family will enjoy for many years.

Buy a swing for your own garden as a TOLYMP extension

Surely the last time you sat on a swing in the garden was when you were a child. But think back to all the good times. How much fun did you have swinging? Have you also tried swinging so high that you make a complete rotation around the scaffolding? This play equipment is definitely the perfect accessory for every play tower, play house and TOLYMP gymnastics equipment.

The children's swing, double swing or nest swing for the garden is definitely one of the classics. However, we do not offer a double swing, only a normal children's swing. After all, a normal swing seat is often enough to provide a lot of fun.

Likewise, unlike many others, we do not rely on wood, but on a rocking board made of rubber and metal. This has the advantage that it is much more durable and you don't have to worry about mould, maintenance or painting.

So far we do not offer any slides in our range. However, the expansion of the slide is already being planned. If you have any other accessory requests, please let us know and send us a message. We then consider whether it makes sense to include the item in the TOLYMP range. All suggestions are warmly welcomed. After all, your children or baby should also have fun in a baby swing.

Now let's cover the subject of swings in a little more detail. Because it is not only a super fun hobby, but also supports the child's development. Many motor skills are trained or even learned for the first time.

Train your sense of balance with the swing

A moving seat is comparable to a speeding roller coaster that just goes loop after loop. So your son may have to aim high. Your daughter, on the other hand, may be sitting on the playground with a good friend and they are talking there. It doesn't really matter. The only important thing is that it is of high quality and that your children spend their free time in the fresh air outdoors.

In addition to the high fun factor, there is another positive aspect. Your children train their sense of balance and a certain body awareness by swinging. A relaxed swing is also good to calm down.

After a stressful day at work, you can just sit down and rock back and forth in peace. After all, this happens in a certain rhythm that allows you to relax optimally.

Your kids will also get to know physics at the same time. Because the only thing that slows you down is gravity. If you explain this in an interesting and practical way, you will draw a lot of amazed eyes and are guaranteed to have a few more fans.

Which swing do we recommend?

Basically, we recommend our swing extension for the garden. This has many positive advantages and also looks good with our products. However, it primarily serves as a supplement as a standalone product. After all, we want to strengthen the family feeling by having the whole family have fun on our climbing towers and play equipment.

Adults and young people can keep fit and healthy with calisthenics training on the scaffolding, while the younger generations can have fun doing sports. After all, we not only offer a couch, but also a climbing net and fun balancing beams.

Since children have incredible creativity, they can think up exciting games and convert the play towers into dangerous knight's castles. However, there are also other models, some of which are made of wood or other materials.

Of course, your entire garden can become a play paradise for your offspring. But you still need a climbing rope, a sandbox and a slide. We can serve with the play tower as well as with nice, high-quality extensions. That's what more than 1.000 positive customer reviews on a wide variety of platforms say.

Make your child's dream of their own playground in the garden come true. Because the nearest playground is not always particularly close. However, so that your offspring can still let off steam, you should provide them with the appropriate means.

Because a study has found that more and more children of primary school age are overweight and their motor skills are not as advanced as they should be.

Since child development is also very important to us, we would also like to examine other variants. Some of these swings can be used individually or attached to a climbing frame.

Add color to the garden with a steel swing

A powder-coated steel tube adds more color to your garden. This has the advantage that the material is very resilient. The size depends entirely on your budget. We do not yet offer a double swing, only the single swing with or without a traverse. There is only a small difference in price.

However, you must not forget that protecting your child is also very important. A high-quality product will last a long time and is made of the best materials. Surely you have a better feeling than with a cheap or homemade couch. In the worst case, it could even lead to injuries. You definitely want to avoid that.

We do not yet have a nest swing in our range. If you are interested in such an extension, you can simply contact us. We look forward to your email.

Rocking seesaw for fun for two

If friends or acquaintances come, they should play together in the garden. This is rather difficult with the single swing. However, you can then opt for a rocking seesaw, which is often made of wood. We are not particularly convinced of the material, but we still offer some products such as a gymnastics bar, a gymnastics bar and the balancing beam made of high-quality larch wood. After all, this is massively reflected in the price.

A soft surface is also important here. It would be fatal if something happened to your offspring because they fell on a hard surface.

Swing seats with safety belt

The advantage you have when you rely on our products is that it is relatively easy to change the seats. It does require some manual skills, but it is fundamentally easier than with many other providers. So you can provide a lot of variety and always keep your kids happy.

Not only nest swing seats are conceivable, but also seats with a T-piece, so that more safety can be guaranteed. This variant is particularly suitable for kids who are particularly small.

There are also very crazy models and possibilities. Pictures were floating around on Facebook in which kids were swinging in a hanging bag and were practically hiding inside.

However, there are also plate swings and many other crazy models. The standard variants are usually sufficient for our customers, but you are also welcome to contact us and we will see if we can meet your requirements. Otherwise you may have to wait a little longer until the product is actually listed in the online shop.

Which swing do you need?

It doesn't matter whether it's a wooden swing or a high-quality model - it's important that you know your requirements exactly and then make a good decision. Otherwise, mishaps or even accidents could occur. Therefore, you need to sort out in advance or seek advice from our customer service.

We offer live chat as well as phone support. You just have to take the first step and contact us. It's for your own good!

Basically, you should keep in mind how old your little ones are. People who are too young are often unable to correctly assess dangers and may not yet be able to sit up independently and need a T-seat.

If your offspring is older than three years, you can buy a trapeze or a disc swing without any worries. That is absolutely no problem. Otherwise, you need to pay attention to extra fuses and protection.

Regardless of age, you should always rely on fall protection mats, which you can also get from us. We work together with the renowned German manufacturer WARCO. He even offers his products in different colors so that you can color the background.

In the next step, one for three kids would be far too little. This would only lead to arguments because you always want to do exactly what someone else is doing. If there are more than three children, there should be at least two swings. A double swing would also suffice.

Ultimately, the size and the available space are also important criteria. Ideally, you already have a TOLYMP training frame in your garden. The swing frame then does not have to be purchased separately. It is enough if you decide on the swing accessories and attach them separately.

Of course, large gardens offer much more space and possibilities. Nevertheless, even a small space is enough to have full fun with our devices. If you have a large balcony, it may well be possible to install our training equipment there as well.

Attaching a swing without concrete - is that even possible?

All our products have to be embedded in concrete. We also tested other solutions, but none was really satisfactory. We also want to be able to guarantee you maximum protection and sell our scaffolding with a clear conscience.

If you already have a scaffolding from us, you have the advantage that you only have to hang the swing on it. After all, it's just a simple extension. A detailed article on fixing without concrete can be found on the linked page.

Build your own garden swing

We clearly advise against this action and the project. Because it is anything but safe and harmless to build a garden swing or even the nest swing seat yourself without prior knowledge. Of course, you can find a lot of guides and explanations on the internet, but it's far from high-quality and professional.

We already have several years of experience in this area and more than 1.000 positive customer reviews. This number speaks for itself. That's why you should rather spend a little more money and become a customer with us.

Furthermore, your expenditure for material, effort and time would probably cover the expenditure for a high-quality TOLYMP scaffold; here you will find our entire product range. You also save time and don't have to worry about stability.

Advantages and disadvantages of our model

As already mentioned, we made a conscious decision to use the rubber-metal mix. On the one hand it is much cheaper and also a real eye-catcher in every garden. After all, it still looks extremely high quality and unique even after a long time.

It is also very resilient and weather resistant. Since we use stainless steel, there is no risk of rusting. However, the paint could peel off if you do it yourself.

In summer, stainless steel does not heat up as quickly thanks to the reflective surface. There's also hot wood, so we don't see a direct downside here. Even plastic can get hot and pose a risk of burns.

Closing words

What are you waiting for? Do you need individual advice or are there other problems? We would be happy to support you and offer you active help. Do something good for your kids and do some sport in peace and keep fit on our equipment.

While you train, your little ones experience exciting adventures, develop their sense of balance and body awareness and have fun and enjoy the fresh air - perfect for good development and a healthy life.

Lay the building block for this today!