Sophie can’t wait – the training bars have arrived

Two lovely photos reached us from a customer in the Frankfurt area. The training bars had been unpacked and laid out in the garden as a test.
Instantly, little Sophie got started with the bars and just had to test them out as much as possible.

Our customer wrote: "The package has just arrived and, as soon as the individual pieces were unpacked, our little one jumped right on top of them! The gift for her second birthday has hit the spot already! No doubt Mum will also manage to work out with them, but she should probably wait until the concrete has set first!

Warmest regards,
The Schmidt family"

Original message:

"Das Paket kam gerade erst. Sobald die Einzelteile ausgepackt waren hat sich die kleine schon drauf gestürzt! Das Geschenk für sie zum 2. Geburtstag ist jetzt schon ein Hit! Die Mama würde am liebsten auch schon ihre Kür daran turnen, aber die wartet dann doch lieber bis das ganze betoniert ist.

Liebe Grüße
Familie Schmidt"

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