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  • Fastening gymnastic rings - a practical guide

    Fastening gymnastic rings - a practical guide

    For anyone who likes strength training and is looking for a flexible and versatile training device, the gymnastic rings are exactly the right thing. With them you can do indoor and outdoor exercises and the whole body is challenged. Originally, the rings were almost exclusively used by gymnasts, but more and more strength athletes, rowers, climbers and recreational athletes are discovering this device for themselves. They are even used in the cross sport area. But in order to be able to use the gymnastics rings safely, the right fastening is the be-all and end-all. Mehr lesen

  • Feedback to the Dip Buin Duo in the courtyard

    A customer from Luxembourg has installed his slightly extended TOLYMP Dip Buin Duo system in the courtyard of his house. The floor design is done with WARCO fall protection panels in concrete gray. The result is a very interesting result which spontaneously makes you want to do a training session.Mehr lesen

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