Customer photos and feedback on the TOLYMP Max Station in a family setting

A few photos of our largest TOLYMP Max setup, which we received from a customer. The customer acquired the safety floor mats shown in this installation via TOLYMP.

Good evening Mr. Driemeyer.
As you can see, we have now successfully built the training station and stared using it:
(It’s small enough to fit on a postage stamp… or at least, in the smallest garden ;)

It’s already brought a load of aching muscles, unfortunately a few bumps and bruises as well, but above all, lots of fun for the whole family, as you can see from the example of part of the family here ;)

It’s fun to watch how the apparatus has motivated *everyone* who’s visited the garden since it was installed - even the biggest couch potatoes – to try a “workout” ;)

On that note, have a great weekend
From the Habel Family

Original message:

Guten Abend, Herr Driemeyer.
Wie man hier sehen kann, ist die Anlage mittlerweile erfolgreich aufgebaut und in Betrieb genommen worden:
(Platz ist in der kleinsten Hütte ...oder besser... im kleinsten Garten ;) )

Sie hat uns bereits eine Menge Muskelkater, leider auch schon die ersten Beulen aber vor allen Dingen der ganzen Familie eine Menge Spaß gebracht, wie hier beispielhaft an einem Teil der Familie zu sehen ;)

Es ist lustig zu beobachten, wie die Anlage bisher jeden - auch den größten Sportmuffel -, der seit ihrem Aufbau unseren Garten besucht hat, zum 'Turnen' motivieren konnte ;)

In diesem Sinne ein schönes Wochenende
von der Familie Habel

The customer also acquired the safety floor mats shown in this installation via TOLYMP. To this end, we work with one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of safety floor mats, namely from WARCO in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in Rhineland Palatinate.

At the time of writing, these products are not yet fully integrated into our online shop. However, you can find out more online by following this link to the WARCO Shop.

We recommend that you choose a thickness of between 40 and 50mm with an area of 50 × 50 cm per mat.
Information about laying the mats can be found here:

Prices: Our prices are the same as the official WARCO list prices, which you can find in the WARCO online shop.

Order process: You search with WARCO to find the products you require, specifying the colour, size, quantity (in square metres) when placing your order.

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