Stainless steel dual setup with pro training bars in a family setting

Stainless steel dual setup with pro training bars in a family setting

The attached photo was sent to us by a customer in southern Germany. There are two interesting things about this dual setup:

      1. The two pro training bars* with the strong dual strap holder, complemented by the optional quick release adjustment.
        This means that the height of the training bars can be adjusted quickly without using tools.

        * Available as a special option for all TOLYMP installations built after February 2016

      2. The use of the training bar as a swing bar for attaching a swing platform (The customer bought the unit in a reinforced version with posts made from 3mm thick metal to ensure sufficient torsional strength.)

A brief piece of customer feedback:

Dear Mr. Driemeyer,
I had promised to send a picture of the training bars once they were installed. Please find attached a photo that I took this morning.
We (my children) use the bars daily, and it really is lots of fun. We also enjoy using the bars as a swing (see the attached image).

Kind regards, M. Dörfler

Original message:

Hallo Herr Driemeyer,
ich hatte ja versprochen, dass ich noch ein Bild schicke vom aufgestellten Reck. Anbei ein Bild von heute morgen.
Das Reck ist bei uns täglich (von mir und meinen Kindern) in Benutzung und sorgt für viel Freude. Auch als Schaukelstanke (siehe Bild) wird das Reck gerne verwendet.

Liebe Grüße, M. Dörfler

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