Video of the TOLYMP Cross – assembly and use

Video of the TOLYMP Cross – assembly and use

We received this “making of” video via Facebook from one of our most enthusiastic customers, featuring her TOLYMP Cross Station. It shows her putting it together, as well as some scenes of it in use later on.
Naturally, we were delighted by her kind praise and were therefore really keen to share this video online.

We have also done it and are enthusiastic about the system, the handling, the communication, the quality and the result. Some of the family members are still lacking (just) with the strength, but that will get better soon. Chakaaa!

Original message:
Wir haben es auch geschafft und sind vom System, von der Abwicklung, der Kommunikation, der Qualität und dem Ergebnis begeistert. Bei dem ein oder anderen Familienmitglied hapert es (nur) noch mit der Kraft, aber das wird. Tschakaaa!

Technical notice: The video was originally shared on Facebook and, for that reason, it is embedded into our Facebook page at eingebettet.

Take me directly to the video.

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