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feedback on Dip Buin Duo in the courtyard

feedback to Dip Buin Duo In The Courtyard1

We received the two photos from a customer in Luxembourg.
The special thing about this installation: The TOLYMP Dip Buin Duo system was set up in the courtyard of a house.
The floor design is done with WARCO fall protection plates in concrete grey, which achieves a visually and technically very appealing and harmonious overall result.
As training equipment, in addition to the dip and pull-up bars TRX sling trainer, a barbell and kettlebells are used.

Hello Mr Driemeyer,
here are 2 photos of our finished horizontal bar.
Are very happy with it and in combination with a WARCO floor covering, training is really fun.

Thank you for everything,
With best regards from Luxembourg,

The attentive observer should have noticed that the installed here Dip Buin Duo system was provided with a third rod.
The two barbell holders were planned at a distance of 106 cm according to customer requirements. For this purpose, one of the three gymnastics bars was delivered in the special length of 100 cm.
Such special requests are part of our day-to-day business and can be implemented quickly and easily thanks to the TOLYMP modular system.

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