Individually planned TOLYMP Steelwood plant for the whole family

Photos of a very successful plant reached us from the proximity of Cologne.
Our customer had bought a model TOLYMP Starterhorn Steelwood and added some more wooden elements from our program.
The result is a very versatile climbing and swinging facility where you can discover and try something new every day.

His feedback: "...we had contact in March of this year regarding an order from your company as well as a custom-made product. I would first like to report that we are very satisfied with the "climbing scaffold" made of your components! The materials are of high quality, the assembly was easy and everyone involved enjoys it. I have added two pictures to the attachment."

Are you interested in an individually planned plant?
Simply use our TOLYMP planning service for your ideas and wishes.

P.S. The total costs for the illustrated plant amount to almost 2.000 €.

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