New AOK family study proves it: Children move far too little

New AOK family study proves it: Children move far too little

For one third, movement is irrelevant

Playground, cycling, simply romping around a bit - what children actually like to do the most is not enough for many German families. This is the result of an AOK family study. One third of the respondents even stated that exercise in their leisure time played no role at all for them.
72 percent of fathers are overweight

Only 45 percent of parents in Germany move together with their children. The results of the family study published by the AOK at the beginning of July 2018 prove that this is far too little. According to the study, 36 percent of parents are overweight and 22 percent obese. Among fathers, 72 percent even belong to one of the two categories.

The reason for this is too little time: 40 percent of the parents surveyed stated that time stress was the greatest stress factor. Only 28 percent succeed in doing sports and fitness at all. The problem: If parents do not move enough, their children usually suffer as well.

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