Super chic TOLYMP Cross system in the bamboo garden

This is how extraordinary a TOLYMP Cross system can be installed in the garden:

Our customer had expressed the wish to install the system together in a wooden deck.
Together with the customer (from the Cologne-Bonn region) and his carpenter, we precisely planned the necessary preliminary planning for the centimetre-precise design of the wooden deck in advance using 3D CAD.
With these views and sketches (see photos attached) the construction of the plant and the woodwork could be perfectly implemented.
The result is a result that we do not see every day in this quality of execution and detail.

Of course, there were also a few words of praise from the customer: "For us the ideal training opportunity outdoors! Super versatile, genuine workmanship and absolutely low-maintenance. TOLYMP offers a flawless and well-founded service, so we are happy to recommend it to others".

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