Do you prefer to build your own gymnastic track or order a finished one?

Do you prefer to build your own gymnastic track or order a finished one?

Build your own Turnreck - Advantages and disadvantages

gymnastic bar for your own garden is something special for the whole family. The children can play with it and to make sport stretch bars are also perfect. The trend in 2018 is towards fitness such as calisthenics and bodyweight training. There are two options how you can achieve the realization of your project, and obtain a bar. On the one hand you can buy the necessary materials yourself and make it yourself on the DIY way and on the other hand the purchase of a ready Turnreck offers itself in the Internet on Ebay or Amazon or simply a Shop in your proximity. Of course, there are a number of points to consider in both variants before you make a purchase. An outdoor bar is exposed to natural weather conditions and must therefore be prepared and maintained accordingly. You should also consider the size of the posts beforehand. Thus 10-20 cm already make clear differences in the price. What exactly you should consider in advance, tips and further answers to your questions we clarify in the following.

Build your own turnreck - what do I have to consider and how does it work?

Before building, you should look around your garden at the beginning and look for a suitable place for your horizontal bar. For large garden areas, this should not be in the middle, but rather as far as possible to the edge. If you are planning to swing back and forth on bar, consider at least your overall height plus another metre for arm length and safety distance to surrounding hedges, plants and other objects to ensure sufficient space and safe handling. Before you blindly drive to the next DIY store and look for suitable material on good luck, you should definitely write yourself a shopping list. To make a gymnastic bar yourself, you will need, among other things, a pull-up bar, which should at best be made of stainless steel. In addition there are two square timbers with a diameter of about 9cm, between which the pole is later fixed. Also make sure that the wood is pressure impregnated, so that it is weatherproof and you get something out of it longer. You can also choose a different model, omit a support column and attach the crossbar to the house. Experience has shown that about three to four bags of concrete are necessary for concreting into the ground. This is filled into two PVC pipes, which should be about one meter long. You will also need various screws, nuts, washers and caps.
How to begin now...

Dig the required holes at the selected location at a depth of 60cm - 70cm and a width of approx. 25cm. Take care not to make the excavations too wide, because later the plastic pipes should be inserted here and have as firm a stand as possible. These should be completely under the ground, which means that if you still protrude a bit, you can ram them further into the ground with a rubber hammer, earth mute or other suitable tool. The more solid the plastic pipes are, the more stable the wooden posts will be afterwards. In addition there is the optical aspect, because parts still protrude out of the lawn, this does not look particularly beautiful. If you decide at a later date to dismantle the gymnastic apparatus again, then anchoring constructions can also be more easily hidden under a new layer of lawn and can therefore remain in the ground without having to laboriously dig it out. If you want to build a double bar, you must take the same steps, but dig a third hole in the position where you want the third pillar to go. The best idea would be to use one latte and two screw clamps so that the distance between the two beams is identical at the bottom. Once you have fixed them in the correct position, straight alignment should not be a problem. Any remaining gaps should now be filled again with part of the excavated earth to provide more stability. In the meantime, tamp them down several times for compaction in order to achieve a greater hold.
...and what happens next?

Once you have completed the first steps, you can also place the piles in the recesses. Get help from another person, because this step can quickly become very strenuous for untrained people due to their heavy weight. After correct alignment, the cement can be mixed and then poured as an anchor into the space between the pipe and the support pile. If you have waited for some time and the concrete has set, all you have to do is fix the bar at the desired height. The line-up is finished and your gym equipment should be stable. However, only a few days should elapse before the first use. So you can be sure that everything has hardened long enough and can withstand all stresses and strains.
What's going to go wrong?

With the project "self construction of a gymnastic bar" not always everything runs smoothly. Very few of us are experienced do-it-yourselfers who always have the perfect plan and always know exactly what to do. Mistakes happen, especially when working from home, which are not common. For example, the hole can be dug unevenly, the plastic pipes can not be inserted correctly or the cement can be mixed incorrectly, so that things are constructed inadequately and are therefore later straightened into an inclined position. But then it is already too late and the posts are already firmly anchored. Even adjusting screws can no longer be turned in properly or warp and thus break. Such things do not like to happen and are difficult to avoid. Who wants to have an unsuccessful attempt to set up a fitness machine in the garden, which in the end might not even be used? Because if the poles are first wrongly built, then also no more chin-up poles can be attached there and consequently also no more chin-up pulls can be done at it let alone any other exercises.
Buy a gymnastics course - the better decision

Many contributions and articles only deal with the topic "building yourself" and do not provide any risks and information about the disadvantages. Here, however, we show you both sides. If you attach importance to quality and longevity, then the material costs in the building market are usually not so far under the costs, which develop for the acquisition of a finished and qualitatively high-quality stretcher. For example, one does not have the trouble to purchase all materials, to coordinate them with each other and finally to ensure a sufficiently stable position of the anchorage. In addition, professional versions made of high-quality materials usually look a lot better than their own construction made of wooden piles from the DIY store. One should consider and decide for oneself whether the additional costs for the purchase of a finished system are worthwhile. A detailed construction manual with illustrations and step-by-step explanations are available when purchasing a high-quality system, so that there should be no difficulties during construction and you are ready in no time at all. A finished product also has sophisticated techniques for easy and uncomplicated height adjustment of the crossbar. This is especially useful if the children often need a lower setting, while you want to train yourself afterwards and need a much higher setting. The more regularly you alternate, the more important and the more you learn to appreciate a simple adjustability. If you want to construct something like this on your own, you need a lot of planning and skill. If there is carelessness in the construction, it can happen that the current setting suddenly can no longer be adjusted, something gets stuck or jammed and then one of the two parties has a problem. Who is out on a good quality and thus a lengthy use also still in several years, should set in any case on a high-quality variant of specialized enterprises. Here you can be aware of the quality through customer evaluations, experience reports and guarantees, while for mistakes in self-construction only you bear the liability and in case of doubt have to start again from the beginning.
Features of high-quality cross bars

High quality gymnastic bars are characterized by easy assembly and high load capacity. In terms of strength and durability, stainless steel rods can hardly be surpassed, as even outdoor rust cannot settle on them. Depending on how much you put on the scale, you should also make sure that the gymnastic bar has sufficient load-bearing capacity. This is often included in the description of the item. You should choose at least one load strength that is at least twice your body weight. This is very important, because during exercises such as upswing, reversal or other loads, a higher force than your own body weight acts on the gymnastic bar. If you weigh 90 kilos, then you are looking for a pull-up bar that is suitable for loads of at least 180 kilos. The more resilient, the better, because upwards you will not have any problems. In the other direction, however, if you are not able to withstand sufficient stress, it can happen that at some point it will not be able to withstand it and in the worst case you will be seriously injured. You'd rather spend one or two euros more and buy a tested and stable bar than save at this point and regret it in the end.

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