Crosstrainings Exercises - The 12 most popular exercises at Crosssport 2018

Crosstrainings Exercises - The 12 most popular exercises at Crosssport 2018

12 crosstraining exercises you can do at home

Do you lack the means to go into a crosstraining box? That doesn't matter in this case, because in this article you'll learn how to easily do the most popular crosstraining exercises at home without boxing and training plans. In order to do some sports as efficiently as possible, the exercises with your own body weight are very effective for muscle building and do not cost much money.

With your own weight you can train best and form the perfect basis for your daily workout. The WOD (Workout of the Day) has only one thing to say, that you should always pay attention to your own safety. Because at home you train without a trainer who can support you or even correct you in an emergency.

No matter if your personal training lasts only five or twenty minutes, make sure that you carry out each execution of the training as carefully as possible. You don't always need cross sport equipment to train without weights.
What is crosstraining?

You yourself have probably heard the word before or heard it before, but can't imagine anything about it? This method was developed by Greg Glassman in the United States over many years.

His personal incentive was to improve people's fitness. Crosstraining consists of numerous position changes, which include both functional movements and high tempo changes. The complete workout consists of elements such as running, rowing, gymnastics, weight lifting and various others that have a positive effect on you.

It was the movements of everyday life that inspired the basic movements of crosstraining. This includes pressing, pulling, bending, rotating or lifting. In addition, time is a big factor in the world of cross sports. Rather, it is a matter of maximizing the level of effort in the temporal phase.

The word intensity plays an important role. The more exercises you do in the shortest time intervals, the more effective the training will be. Rather your health and fitness should be successfully improved by the application of most diverse exercises.
What's the point of crosstraining?

You wonder what training effect crosstraining has for you personally? It doesn't matter whether you want to build up your muscles, reduce your body fat or just lose weight. The only important thing is that Crosssport can support you in exactly what you want. The good thing about this sport is that you use a large number of muscle groups at the same time, which increases the effectiveness many times over.

The focus is on a balanced and sporty basis and at the same time strengthens your existing abilities. You will quickly notice that your mobility, endurance, strength and power develop positively and become a support in everyday life. Not only can you expand your physical limits, but you can also eliminate your individual weaknesses. So you can say that Crosssport has a positive influence on your fitness and health.

Which target group is served?

So far crosstraining has been used more in areas such as boot camps or police schools.  Elite units, soldiers and even professional athletes were made ready for deployment with the support of crosstraining, because the fast and equally effective success of this method is very advantageous. In the course of time, however, the "Crosssport" training method has crept more and more into our everyday lives and has since been offered more and more frequently for men and women in the numerous fitness studios worldwide.

But you don't have to panic now, because you don't have to be a sports veteran to actively practice the sport. The flexible workout can be a big challenge, but with specially trained trainers, it can be adapted to your personal fitness level and needs.

The basic idea is that the training form of cross sport is suitable for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you're just starting out or a professional athlete. Simply said, is that everyone finds their place in this sport. Grüner Glassman believes that it doesn't matter which gender you are or how old you are, because you determine the intensity of your training yourself.

No one else except yourself determines the number of repetitions and the speed and adapts them to your needs. You will quickly notice that you are increasing from time to time and that you are adjusting your goals accordingly. In no time at all you will find out how crosstraining has a positive effect on your health and fitness.

By far the 12 most popular cross sport exercises

If you have done the squats correctly, you should have used about 400 muscles at the same time. The Squat is ideal for all those who have done nothing in the hip area for a long time. The execution begins and ends with an entire body extension.

Make sure that your pelvis and knees are in line with the corpus and that your feet are as wide as your shoulders. This also means that your gaze is directed forward in order to maintain a balanced body centre.

Make sure that your heels remain firmly on the ground during the entire phase and that your knees are actively pressed outwards over the hocks. Your body center is strained and your trunk remains upright. Now bring a tension into the middle of your body and try to lower your buttocks as low as possible. You do this as far as possible, but only up to the knee joint height. During the downward movement your arms are led in front of the body.

When standing up, make sure that you actively push your legs outwards until your pelvis and knees are fully stretched again. So in about 20 designs should be possible for a beginner.
Bulgarian Lunges

The Bulgarian Lunges are another form of lung failure. It would be good if you were looking for a low chair, stool or couch where you can put your toes on the seat. With your second leg you make a big step forward. The position change is carried out in the same way as for squat. The knees are located exactly above the ankle joint and move slightly outwards.

With your upper body straight, lower your pelvis until you have reached the height of your knee. With the front leg you push your heel up again until you are back in the starting position. Your gripping hands are either at the basin or are weighted down with small weights (water bottle or small dumbbells). You repeat this 10 times per page.
jumping jacks

You must have known the Jumping Jacks from your childhood. At that time it was a funny and harmless sports movement, but they are not that at all. Not without reason they are practiced in various boot camps all over the world. Even today she makes even the strongest people sweat.

Stand up straight for this once. The feet should stand next to each other and your left and right arm should hang down sideways. Make sure your palms are facing forward.

Now you jump up and spread your legs so that they stand shoulder-wide. During the jumping the arms are led sideways upwards so that they touch each other briefly above the head. Then you jump back to the starting position.
Butterfly Sit Ups

These Butterfly Sit Ups are the most effective among the abdominal muscle exercises. That's why the Crosssport program makes use of it. You have to sit down on the floor and set up your legs. At the same time your knees fall outwards, the soles of your feet touch and are pulled as close as possible to the body.

Now with both hands you touch the ground in front of your feet. Then you take your upper limbs with swing over your head and bring the upper part of your body backwards. You do this until your left and right arm lie behind your head and your back on the ground.  Now use the momentum from them and the fuselage force to straighten up again and get into the starting position.

For this training exercise, place a folded towel under your back to protect the lumbar vertebrae as much as possible.
Hollow Rock

For this you lie down on earth. Stretch your limb and make sure they have no contact with the ground. Now bring your corpus into tension and seesaw with your corpus back and forth like a boat swing. You repeat this 10-15 times.

For a dip it is best to take a chair, sofa or other appropriate elevation where you can do the exercise. Sit in front of it and place your gripping hands shoulder-wide on the object you have chosen for the training exercise. Press up so that your buttocks rise from the ground. Now you are in the initial position.

To perform the dip, let your bottom drop down so that it is just before the ground. At the same time you angle your elbows. Afterwards you stretch your arms again, which brings you back to the top. 10-15 times is a good guideline for a beginner.
Hand Release Push Up

The most important thing with the push up is the body tension in the torso area. In this exercise your body should form a straight line and not sag. Your hands are shoulder-width in the starting position and are exactly below it. During the execution you lower your upper part of the body and make sure that your elbows are as close as possible to the torso.

You have reached the final position when your chest has touched the ground, your hands briefly lose contact with the ground and your hips are in the air. Now press up again and try to make sure that you actively maintain the fuselage tension. You repeat this as often as you can.
Mountain Climber

The starting position of the Mountain Climber is very similar to that of the Push Up. The push-up position is the home position. At the beginning the left leg is placed next to the left hand. That's when the right leg stays behind.

Now take turns and bring your right leg forward. At the same time, you move the left one to the back. It must be ensured that the movement is carried out smoothly. Start with 15-20 versions.

This training exercise can also be called forearm support and demands in the optimal execution all muscle groups. For this you lie down with your stomach on the ground and stand up with your limbs shoulder-wide. Make sure that your elbow is placed directly under your shoulder.

Now raise your pelvis until you are as straight as a board in your body posture. In order to get an optimal spinal position, your gaze is directed to the underground. Because that's the only way to make sure you're really straight. Try to stay in this position for 30-60 seconds.
Pull Ups

At the beginning there is unfortunately a small investment of about 20 Euro to get you a pull-up bar. This is very easy to attach to almost any door and helps you improve your technique. The good thing about it is that you can use it every day for a short moment to practice on it. If you do not want to make the investment, you can also choose to use a protruding door frame, if available.

For a clean chin-up, the handle around the bar should be slightly wider than shoulder width. The initial posture is that your arms are completely stretched at the start. Now pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar. Then you bring yourself back to the starting position.
Toes to Bar

Toes to Bar means "toes to the beam". This exercise is carried out exactly like the chin-ups on the slope. Please note that you should shrink your shoulder. Now you swing your feet and swing them in front of your torso in the direction of the pull-up bar.

Try to lift your pelvis so that you can touch the bar with your toes. If it is not possible for you to bring the toes to the bar, then there is the possibility that you pull the knees to the elbows. This is then called Knees to Ellbow. You can do 15-20 of these at a time.

By far the most popular exercise is the Burpees, because this exercise not only trains all your muscle groups, but also your condition. This goes as follows. You jump backwards with both legs and at the same time bring yourself into the push-up position towards the ground. Your elbows should be as close to the torso as possible, because the torso is active.

When your chest has touched the floor, squat over the push-up position. The position of your legs should then be outside next to your hands. From this position you jump up and clap your head. In the beginning you can make about 10.
Which is really important if you want to do cross sport exercises at home.

Please make sure that you do your cross fitness training at home as cleanly and correctly as possible. If this is too difficult in the beginning, it is better to seek help and get advice. So you can counteract the wrong exercise of the movements.

If you don't have the possibility to get a crosstrainer to your side, then try to focus on the correct execution rather than on the given time span. Do not pay attention to the time span until you have internalized the motor skills of the exercises.

As before any other sport, warming up is important. Take a short moment before training and warm your body to keep the risk of injury as low as possible. In this way you can gently prepare your body for the upcoming strain. Dynamic warm-up training is recommended for this purpose. This should go in about 5 to 8 minutes.

Try to make some slight jumps on the spot. You are welcome to use a skipping rope to achieve an even better result. Then you should do a few exercises such as push-ups, knee bends and lunges to get your muscle up to operating temperature. To get your mobility going, you can stretch or stretch a little.

It is also important to mention that after training, you will install a cool-down phase. This only goes a short moment to let you come down from the effort of training.
Conclusion on Crosssport

Clearly, cross sports are very different from other sports. Anyone can do the training, but only a few have the right to work on themselves and their deficits. Because man is basically a creature of habit and only likes to do the things he thinks he can do better and know better.

It is the case with cross sports that there is no real routine. Each WOD focuses on a different area of the workout. It is precisely this diversity that makes the sport so special and interesting at the same time. Sometimes you go beyond your limits, but sometimes you leave your comfort zone and broaden your horizon. You can learn a lot about your body and mind in this sport.

There is no question that the effectiveness of the training and the cohesion of the community in crosstraining are enormous. So it would be an option to overcome your pig and turn your own experiences into Crosssport. If you need a few tips for this, you should simply contact a crosstraining box in your area. Where the next one is, you can easily find it on the Internet.

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