Stretching exercises for fast results and success (2019)

Stretching exercises for fast results and success (2019)

Stretching exercises for the whole family!

Everyone knows it from school sports or from their own garden. Rectilinear gymnastics is one of the best known and simplest types of apparatus gymnastics. The corresponding poles can be found not only in gyms or at competitions, but also on almost every playground. There are some simple basic exercises that can be done without much experience.

What is a high bar?

A high bar is a device during gymnastics. Nowadays it's common to have a tensioning bar. It consists of a horizontal long rod, which can be mounted in different ways. The gymnastic bar is mounted on two vertical bars, which are each held with one or two clamping sides. This makes the pull-up bar elastic, which can be very helpful for many exercises.

As a modified variant to the gymnastics bar in gyms, there are also the garden bars, which are often very popular with middle-aged children.

Who gymnastics on a high bar?

In top-class sport, the gymnastic bar belongs to the gymnastic apparatus of men and is the last apparatus in the Olympic sequence. In general, however, anyone can train on a high bar. It is often used in sports lessons or in gymnastics clubs.

What should you keep in mind during a stretching exercise?

It is important, as with any other sport, to warm up properly before starting and to loosen the muscles. Run a few laps first and then hop on the spot. Also stretch your muscles before you start exercising on the turn bar.

Adjust the gymnastic bar to your height, if the bar is height adjustable. The ideal height is your shoulder height. If you want to exercise on a free bar, choose a bar that comes closest to your shoulder height. Note that you will never wear gloves when training on the bar, even when the bar is cold. Because with gloves there is a great danger that you will slip off the bar and suffer fatal injuries.

Simple stretching exercises

There are a few simple basic exercises that can be done without previous experience on high bar.

Hip upswing

This upswing, is the optimal lesson to swing on the high bar.

Position yourself in the middle of the bar so that the distance between chest and bar does not exceed 10 cm.
Grip the bar with both hands so that the palms of your hands point in your direction.
With your preferred swing leg you will now gain some momentum. The more practice you have, the smaller the swing movement will be.
Take the swing with you into an upward movement of your legs and pelvis. The aim is to get as close as possible to the gymnastics bar with the pool and at the same time swing the legs over the gymnastics bar at the top.

The upper body follows the movement of the legs and you roll up over the gymnastic bar until you are upright again. Now your weight no longer rests on the floor, but on your pelvis above the gymnastic bar.
The hands remain firmly enclosed on the horizontal bar during the entire process. With this upswing you have reached the optimal starting position for all further stretching exercises.

Hip swing

You start from the starting position that you reach when you end the upswing. Bend your shoulders slightly forward over the bar to create a hip bend.

Then quickly pull your legs back so that you are stretched backwards. You have to take advantage of the momentum. It quickly goes down again until the shoulder is vertical. Then your shoulder must move backwards and your legs must move forwards so that a slight hip bend occurs. The hip is pressed against the bar. And the rotation makes itself all by itself.

Tilt up swing

The arms and legs are stretched during this upswing. They let themselves hang in the long outstretched arms and stretch their legs long to the front. Then get your swing so that your legs swing forward under the bar.

You have to use this swing and at the foremost point under the bar you start pulling your stretched legs towards the bar and as soon as you are back with your head under the bar you pull your upper body back. Then you will be back in the starting position for all further exercises.

Reck exercise conclusion

Stretching exercises belong to the easier disciplines in the field of apparatus gymnastics, which are performed more frequently by men than by women in the professional field. But also in school sports or at home stretching exercises at the bar can be learned easily with a little practice.

However one should not underestimate the whole nevertheless and warm oneself up in the apron properly. Body tension and body control are also very important in this type of gymnastics. You should always make sure that you have a firm and dry grip, slipping on a lesson with a lot of momentum due to wet hands or gloves can lead to serious injury.

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