Calisthenics Exercises - Weight Exercises for Fitness!

Calisthenics Exercises - Weight Exercises for Fitness!

Hang, press, pull - only with your own weight. Calisthenics is an intensive self-weight workout that is performed using calisthenics equipment such as bars, rods and other equipment. Originally from the USA, the fitness trend has enjoyed great popularity in German-speaking countries for several years now. During training you have all liberties.

What are Calisthenics exercises?

The term Calisthenics is not very common in Germany. You know more terms like "street workout", body weight exercise or tension exercise. It is a form of physical training that involves a series of simple and often rhythmic movements and for which only one's own body weight is used.

Training equipment and accessories are generally used less frequently. In contrast to other countries, the sports and training parks in Germany are rather rare, but this does not change the fact that Calisthenics is also becoming more and more popular in Germany. The first "Street Workout World Cup Germany" took place in 2013, in which several athletes qualified for the World Cup Final in Moscow.

How does it work?

As far as training is concerned, Calisthenics gives you all the freedom you need - but this can be very confusing and overwhelming, especially for beginners. The word is derived from the Greek words kalos, which means "beautiful" or "good", and sthenos, which can be translated with force.

And with "good strength" you can also follow this training, which contains a series of simple, often rhythmic movements and for which only your own body weight is used. The weight moved during the exercises is therefore more or less constant, because in addition to training equipment, accessories - such as weights - are actually taboo.

What doesn't mean that it can't be extra exhausting! Real street workout friends skillfully vary the exercises and bring everything out of the training power of Calisthenics, for example by changing the lever arm or by a new challenge such as one-armed push-ups.

What's the use of Calisthenics?

Calithenics belongs to the whole body workouts, almost without isolation exercises, and thus demands all muscles - especially the shoulder girdle. First and foremost, the exercise aims to build muscle and strength by optimizing natural movement sequences.

This promotes muscle strength, body control and mobility. Optical aspects and an athletic figure are only a positive side effect of the whole body workout. The movements are very complex and promote the interaction of all muscles. No muscle group is forgotten.

This not only provides a solid basis for strength endurance, but also compensates for differences in performance between the individual muscle groups. Muscular imbalances, which often cause pain and limited freedom of movement and training, have no chance.

For whom is this training suitable?

Calisthenics is basically suitable for everyone. No matter if unsportsmanlike or trained from top to bottom - everybody can join in, because the exercises can be individually adapted to the respective strength level.

While beginners start with easier variants to build up a strength base and learn movement, advanced athletes can gradually increase the load. The lever arm or the grip width can be changed, the number of repetitions or sets can be increased, pauses can be shortened or heavy exercise variants can be added.

For whom is it not suitable?

Calisthenics is definitely a great sport that will grow strongly in the next few years. However, the type of training is not everyone's cup of tea, because those who want to see optical success quickly and prefer to practice in isolation and alone, are better served with the classic muscle training. It is recommended to just try it out and see if it is something for you.

How often should I train?

Calisthenics is a very varied exercise, but there should be enough regeneration phases between the individual workouts. Because as a whole body workout, all muscles are always loaded with each unit.

For the body to regenerate and the muscles to grow, they need rest. At best, about 48 hours. If training is resumed too early, there is no supercompensation and the muscles do not grow. In the worst case, muscle loss occurs.

Wozu Calisthenics Training Plans?

No matter which sport you practice, if you want to practice seriously, you can't avoid a solid training plan. The same applies to Calisthenics. In the beginning an individual training plan makes little sense.

Since everyone is built differently, one has more muscles in one place and the other elsewhere. Therefore, the first objective should be to make good the deficits. Because starting such a workout is exhausting even for students.

Training methods

With Calisthenics, with the exception of weight vests, hardly any additional weights are used. In order to ensure a progressive additional load, the exercise is made more difficult by changing the lever arm, progressions to difficult exercises, explosive exercises or super sets.

First step: Building a base of endurance forces

The entry into training is easier or harder depending on the training level, but basically feasible for every athlete at any age. Practicing with a strict training plan from the beginning makes little sense.

Because everyone has strengths and weaknesses, it is important to balance the differences in performance between the individual muscle groups and build up a good strength endurance.

Increase difficulty level

When you start the exercise, you can do the basic exercises in their basic form. As an advanced golfer you should - as with any meaningful strength training - gradually work your way up to more demanding variations in order to achieve further success.

The easiest way of progression is, of course, to make more repetitions or sentences or to shorten the break times in between. Alternatively the lever arm can be changed.

Depending on the fitness level, very intensive exercises such as Human Flag, Front Lever or Muscle Ups can also be dared. It is important that the training plan should be made more difficult to avoid a training plateau.

Never without Warm Up

In most exercises the shoulder girdle is put under a lot of strain. If the exercises are carried out incorrectly, be it due to false ambition or exhausted muscles, the load increases additionally.

Stretching and warming up is therefore also an important topic during the street workout and must not be neglected. Before you start with the actual exercise, you should at least warm up with a few Jumping Jacks or similar to prepare the body for the coming efforts and to reduce the risk of injury.

Low risk of injury due to correct execution

The correct execution of the Calisthenics exercises is also an important aspect of increasing performance. The training is only effective if the movement is carried out with the full radius of movement. Especially at the beginning only few repetitions are possible, which should not frustrate or demotivate you.

The movements should nevertheless be carried out in a clean and controlled manner, because this is the only way to get ahead and achieve your goals. In addition, the risk of injury increases due to incorrect execution. Not only muscle building, but also coordination, mobility and general body tension are important elements of training, as they are required for many exercises.

It is important not to train every day. This can have a counterproductive effect on your own performance and muscle growth.

Where to do Calisthenics?

In principle, you can practice anywhere during this whole body workout. In the German-speaking countries, parks intended for this purpose were only gradually introduced. The original idea was to train outdoors in the fresh air, no matter what the weather or temperature.

In such parks there are poles for pull-ups, bars and everything else you need for Calisthenics training. Access to such parks is completely free of charge and accessible to everyone. But Calisthenics fans also meet on parking lots, in public city parks, residential districts or on playgrounds. Lamp posts, park benches, thick branches, ladders, horizontal bars and other everyday objects are then used as equipment.

The most important basic exercises

The basis for Calisthenics training, whether freestyle or simply to build strength, are four basic exercises. The exercises train the entire body and prepare you for the challenges that await you in movements such as Muscle Up, Front Lever or Human Flag.

  • Climbing hoists: In their various grip variants, they are the central exercise in bodyweight training, but also one of the most important basic exercises in classical strength training with weights. This exercise is particularly prone to error and therefore it is important to perform it correctly. A clean and correct execution allows a strong activation of the entire pulling muscle chain of the upper body. This includes the arms, shoulders, chest, back, trunk and triceps.
  • Liegestütze: They are also called pull-ups and are a classic exercise for body weight exercises. Many athletes use them for active training. But push-ups have a very high training potential, if you do them right. Push Up is an exercise in which you try to push yourself away from the ground in the horizontal position.
  • Dips: Dip is a bar support, which is usually only known under the English name "Dips". It is an exercise in which the own body weight is lifted between beams. They belong to the demanding push exercises. At first sight the execution looks very simple, but you should pay attention to some things.
  • Kneiebeuge: They are also called squats and belong to a classic leg exercise. When using weight they even belong to the supreme discipline.

What equipment you need?

The self-weight training works in itself always and everywhere, because no additional equipment is needed apart from your own body. Nevertheless, there are some helpful or helpful equipment to set certain stimuli. Useful equipment would be e.g. a bar for pull-ups, a wall bar, gymnastic rings, or a resistance band.

Benefits of Calisthenics

  • It is budget-friendly.
    At least for the beginning almost no equipment and no membership in the studio is needed. As an advanced player, you may decide to invest in rings or poles, but you can start without them. And even if you buy a few extras, the investment is a lot lower than for weight training.
  • Training is possible everywhere.
    Since it does not need any special equipment, it can be practiced almost anywhere without problems. At home, in the park on a playground, on holiday or somewhere else. This training freedom is a privilege that only a few programs offer and gives one less excuse not to practice today. Because you are not dependent on opening hours or the like.
  • Optimal whole body workout.
    With body weight exercises you move your body as one unit. The muscles work together and none are isolated.
  • Multiple qualities are trained simultaneously.
    Progressive body weight exercises are a mixture of strength, balance, mobility and flexibility training. You develop a better body control, which also benefits you in other sports.
  • Advanced training.
    Body weight training is much more varied than pure weight training. There are many different variations of exercises and there are no limits to creativity. The fact that it is not bound to any one place is also unique. You can practice in the garden, in the park, on the playground or in the gym. With a constantly changing scenery the training is more fun.

Disadvantages of Calisthenics

  • muscle groups are difficult to isolate.
    Isolation exercises are not for everyone, but have their place. For example, if you want to recover from an injury or strengthen a weak muscle, it makes sense to strengthen it with isolation exercises. Body weight exercises are difficult to isolate a muscle group or weak spot. In these cases one is better served with dumbbell, machine training or similar.
  • limited possibilities for leg training.
    Leg exercises such as Pistol Squats or Dragon Squats are good for building strength within the legs and strengthening your joints at the same time. But it is difficult to achieve maximum strength and thick leg muscles with such exercises.
  • Difficult to measure.
    The level of difficulty cannot always be measured exactly during the exercises, which can be a disadvantage.
  • Progress is not always intuitive.
    When training with dumbbells you only have to take a higher weight, when training with body weight it is not so obvious how you can improve next and how the exercise becomes more difficult.
  • body weight and stature can limit.
    Many exercises are a lot harder if you have extra hip gold. During upper body training not all body weight exercises are feasible above a certain weight. In such cases it is better to start with weights and endurance training.

What equipment you need?

The self-weight training works in itself always and everywhere, because no additional equipment is needed apart from your own body. Nevertheless, there is helpful equipment to set certain stimuli. Useful devices would be e.g. a pull-up bar, a wall bar, gymnastic rings, or a resistance band.

Together instead of alone - training in a community

The most enthusiastic thing about sports is the community. At Calisthenics you meet outside for training, try out new things, help each other and above all you train together and not against each other.

Calisthenics lifestyle tips

  • Each to the right diet.

Since it's not just strength training as such, but also nutrition and your lifestyle play a big role, you have to completely commit yourself to a Calisthenics life. Athletes from this sector, for example, make sure that they feed exclusively on low carb. However, there is no right or wrong diet. After all, it should be a matter of course that you take care of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Search for a training partner or a group.

In almost every city there are now places where street work groups meet. Among these athletes you will certainly find someone who would like to practice with you. Maybe it's even a whole group that's taking you into their circles. Practicing with someone makes training much easier and you can give each other tips.

Result: Trendsport Calisthenics

Calisthenics exercises are an intensive and demanding whole-body training, where you train predominantly with your own body and without help. Although the trend sport is by no means new, it has only expanded in the 21st century from the USA.

The success can be traced back to the training, which is possible at any time and any place. Neither a membership in the gym nor special equipment is required. You can either train in a free Calisthenics Park on pull-up bars, bars and other special equipment or in your own garden and in public places such as a playground or city park.

Calisthenics is much more than just a sport, it's a whole way of life. Especially the team spirit plays an important role for fans of this sport.

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