Exercises with body weight

Exercises with body weight

To get fit and tighten your body, you don't necessarily have to go to a gym. With discipline and stamina, training with one's own body weight is also sufficient. Effectively the whole body can be trained.

Weights or calisthenic devices are not necessary to build up basic muscles. This type of workout can be done from the comfort of your own home.

What does it do?

The exercise with your own body weight is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users. Especially as a beginner it is recommended to start with workouts of this kind to build up a training level.

Because only those who know how to handle their own weight are able to practice properly on equipment. In addition, this training does not only address certain muscle groups, but the whole body. In the case of equipment training, on the other hand, the individual training units are limited to individual muscle groups.

That you should know about body weight exercises

To train only with your own body weight, you don't need any equipment or weights, but you should still consider a few things.

You should allow enough time for the individual workouts. Quality comes first, which means that the elements should be executed slowly and consciously. Body tension should also be taken into account.

In order to achieve really good results, body tension is the most important factor during the implementation. Without this, the training effect is lost and the individual elements are executed incorrectly.

Even if the training can take place at home and not in the gym, you should not be distracted during the individual sessions.

Prerequisites for Exercises with Body Weight

In order to start with a bodyweight training, you don't need any great previous experience. Whether beginner, advanced or professional, this type of workout is suitable for everyone.

The intensity and structure of the elements can be changed according to the level of training, so that they can easily be adapted to the corresponding level of training. Important for a diversified unit is in any case changing the exercises but keeping the category. This means that if one exercise is to be replaced for the legs, it must be replaced by another one for the legs.

This is how it works

Before you start with the actual training, you should warm up briefly. In this warm-up phase it is sufficient to run and jump on the spot for a few minutes. This reduces the risk of injury and stimulates blood circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles. When training with one's own body weight, several muscle groups are always referred to.


The general goal of exercises with your own body weight is to get fit without equipment. Everything you need to do that is already at home. So nothing stands in the way of your daily workout. Since you can condition from home, it is a great advantage that there are no costs for a contract in the studio and since you train without equipment, there are no costs. All in all it is a cheap training method.

Ebenso the intensity of the workout can be determined by the user. It is up to you how many repetitions of the individual elements you create. Here it is also the challenge to increase from unit to unit again and again in small steps.

5 effective exercises

  • Knee bends (Squats)
    The classic knee bends can be done anywhere and they are also among the most effective at all. The large muscle groups at the buttocks and in the legs, but also the back and abdominal muscles, are used here.
  • Lie support
    Many hate this exercise, but it is particularly effective. The right design is particularly important here. Hands at chest level: legs, upper body and head form as straight a line as possible. The body tension is also very important here, one should not sag or stretch the bottom in the height. Then bend your arms and lower them until the tip of your nose almost touches the ground.
  • Burpees
    Burpee combines push-up, knee bend and extension jump. Important here are a flowing movement and a clean execution. If you feel overwhelmed at the beginning, you can skip the stretch jump at first.
  • Plank
    This forearm support can really be done anywhere. First and foremost, the abdominal muscles are strengthened. The elbows should be at shoulder level, the legs should be hip wide, then you push yourself up and hold the tension. Because that's exactly what matters.
  • Lung lunge (lung)
    Not only the lower part of the body is stressed but also the abdominal and back muscles. During execution, care should be taken that the upper and lower legs form a right angle.

Wrong workout doesn't do anything

Many people are motivated and do sports. But often it fails because of the correct execution, so that even after weeks no success is recognizable. But not only the lack of success is a consequence of the wrong execution, but also the increase of the injury risk.

At the beginning of such a workouts the number of repetitions should play a subordinate role, especially as a beginner. It is important that the individual elements feel correct and healthy.

Training plan, Yes or No?

A training plan is also recommended in any case for workouts carried out at home. Because in a training plan you can record goals you have achieved so far and have an overview of how many repetitions you have to make of the respective exercise. It also provides a good overview of the individual units and serves as an orientation during training.

The frequency of units in a week also depends on the level of training and can be changed or increased over time. Basically a single unit should not last longer than 30 and 45 minutes.


  • Eight different exercises should be integrated in each individual training unit. These eight exercises should be done in about half an hour without interruptions.
  • It is important to make sure that the whole body is challenged and not just individual parts. If chest, back, stomach, legs, buttocks, calves and shoulders are trained evenly, nothing stands in the way of a defined body.
  • take half an hour to yourself. Don't get distracted. The easiest way is to do the workout in a separate room where you can be on your own.
  • Make sure that the exercises are performed correctly. Five correct knee bends are better than 15 incorrect ones.


The Bodyweight Training is a great solution to practice at home. The individual short units can lead to a defined body when performed regularly. No matter on which training level you are, the elements can be adapted to everyone.

No equipment is needed for exercises with your own body weight and the costs for the gym are also saved. If you need help choosing the right exercises in connection with your training level, you can find them on the Internet or in apps that deal with fitness.

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