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Why swinging is important!

Why swinging is important

Why swinging is important

Swinging isn't just great fun for children. Unfortunately, parents rarely have the opportunity to have a good time on the swing. Swinging helps develop balance in children and relaxes and can even relieve pain in adults. Whether big or small, swinging is good for everyone and fun.

How does rocking work?

With stretching and bending movements with the arms and legs or by pushing off from a fixed point, you can gain momentum when swinging. By gaining momentum, the Swings to a pendulum. In order to get the swing moving or swinging more, the stretching and bending movements have to be repeated over and over again.

development of the sense of balance

Most children love to swing and ride carousels. Many an adult's stomach turns just by watching. This is because babies' sense of balance is still developing.

Swinging and turning stimulates the vestibular organ in the inner ear - that's the name of the small sensory organ made up of three fluid-filled arches that is responsible for our balance, but also for the Seasickness, responsible for.

The preference for uniform movements begins early. Nothing calms an upset baby like a gentle rocking or rocking. When children are six or seven months old, they often begin to swing their heads themselves to stimulate their vestibular system.

It doesn't have to be a whole merry-go-round: swinging in the baby bouncer, being carried in a sling or simply sitting upright in a child's seat - all of that is enough to support the vestibular organ. Children often want to be spun in circles again and again, it is fun and important for their health.

Whether we are walking, sitting or lying down, awake or asleep – the organ of equilibrium informs the brain about the position of the body in space, without the activity of this organ penetrating our consciousness. We only register that it is there when it is irritated and therefore conveys unpleasant sensations.

Rocking relaxes and relieves pain

When you swing regularly, you're a lot more relaxed than when you never do it. It also strengthens the sense of balance. Many adults get sick from it.

The gentle rocking movements of a rocking chair not only have a calming effect, they even make painkillers superfluous. The patients seemed to be significantly more balanced than the others.

They asked for pain-relieving medication less often and were also more secure on their feet when walking. Behaviors such as crying, anxiety, or tension Depression occurred less frequently.

Sleep better with swings

A child is known to sleep better in the first year after birth if it feels a slight rocking motion. Even during pregnancy, they are gently rocked in the amniotic fluid.

A study shows that adults also sleep better when they lie in a gently rocking hammock, for example, than when they lie in a normal bed.

Why should you swing more often as an adult?

The pleasure-giving effect of the vestibular organ does not stop at the end of childhood - only the strategies change. Young people jump and wiggle their hair flying in the disco or have fun on daring roller coasters.

Adults do sports for relaxation and excitement in equal measure: skiing, horseback riding, surfing, sailing and tennis are all types of sports in which the organ of equilibrium is put under intense strain.

Recreational activities such as kite flying or bungee jumping also fall into this category. Even joggers refer to the exhilaration that can arise from the rhythmic trotting while running. Swinging is both exciting and relaxing. It makes you smart because it primarily stimulates the sense of balance and thus significantly promotes motor maturation. And after all, motor and mental development are inextricably linked.

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