Bodyweight Workout from TimeToShape

Bodyweight Workout from TimeToShape

Klaus Wolfsberger is a well-known personal trainer from Austria, and he features a wide variety of bodyweight exercises in his YouTube-Channel, including with our timber bars made from larch.

Take a look around his website if you’d like to learn more about his personal training offers: you can even set up an appointment with him for a free trial session of personal training.

Take me to Klaus’s homepage.

You can find more information about our Crosstraining apparatus here.

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  • Frank Schumacher

    Frank Schumacher 10/29/2017 Antwort

    Danke für diesen wirklich tollen Blog. Hier sieht man wie viel Spaß Sport und auch Crossfit in der freien Natur macht. Dies werde ich bei meinem nächsten Training mit in der freien Natur, an frischer Luft auch weiter beherzigen.

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