"What do we do with it?" Our training bars in far Africa

The students of the Kambengo Nursery School in Gambia/West Africa asked themselves this question when they first saw the newly installed gymnastic bars at their campus.

Excitement and joy were quickly spread as the children made their first gymnastics attempts at the training bars donated by us. The first experiences of success were not far away, especially the girls had "the turn" for the first turns and upside down exercises. Our skipping ropes also received a lot of interest; the funny side effect was of course the loud counting of every successful rope jump.

The pre-school, which is financed by donations, has set the goal of giving the 4 - 7 year old girls and boys a chance to prepare for primary school. This great aid project is funded by the Berlin-based Kambengo Projekt-Gambia e. V., a non-profit organisation that is financed by private donors.
We are very happy to give the children in Gambia the opportunity to do sports in a completely new and for them unknown way. In addition, it was proven in the meantime that gymnastics increases one's own body feeling and the ability to concentrate. The photos sent to us show that you can have lots of fun besides that.

Further information on Kambengo can be found at www.kambengo.de.
We wish Mr. Raschke and his team much success for this great project for the future and much engagement; nice that it is possible to do a lot of positive things with the help of private donations.

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