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"What should we do with it?" Our gymnastics bars in distant Africa

Gymnastic Bar In Far Africa5

A 150cm bare, simple stainless steel bar, attached between two beams - "What should we do with it?" This was the question the students of the Kambengo Nursery School in Gambia/West Africa asked themselves when they saw the newly erected gymnastics bars on their school grounds for the first time .

Enthusiasm and joy spread quickly when the children completed their first attempts at gymnastics on the gymnastics bars we had donated. The first sense of achievement was not long in coming, the girls in particular quickly got the hang of the first turns and overhead exercises. Our skipping ropes also met with great interest; A funny side effect was of course the loud counting of each successful jump.

The preschool, which is financed by donations, has set itself the goal of giving girls and boys between the ages of 4 and 7 a preparation for primary school. This great aid project is run by the Berlin-based privately financed Kambengo-Project-Gambia eV.
We are very happy to give the children in The Gambia the opportunity to do sports in a completely new and unknown way. In addition, it has now been sufficiently proven that gymnastics increases one's own body awareness and ability to concentrate. The photos sent to us show that you can still have a lot of fun.

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We wish Mr. Raschke and his team continued success and commitment for this great project; nice that it is possible to do a lot of good directly on site with purely privately financed donations.

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