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Calisthenics facility enriches school life at KGS Ulrich von Hutten

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Calisthenics facility

Calisthenics facility strengthens the sense of community within the school

Since the end of 2023, the students of the KGS “Ulrich von Hutten” in Halle (Saale) have been benefiting from new outdoor recreation and learning opportunities made possible by donations, including covered benches and a calisthenics system from TOLYMP.
The calisthenics facility was financed through government funding, contributions from the support association and committed students who collected money during a fundraising run.
Together with the headmaster Stephan Wussow and his team, we had a plan based on ours Fitnesspark-Series created with the 100x100mm post format recommended for public facilities.
The aim was to offer children and young people additional sports activities and thereby awaken enthusiasm for exercise and fitness, even outside of normal sports lessons. According to the headmaster, the facility not only promotes the health of the students, but also the sense of community within the school.

Our sales and planning team around our sales manager Enrico Mecarone was very happy about the positive words from Mr. Wussow after the project was completed:
"First of all, I would like to thank you for the excellent work you have done with our calisthenics system. The system is extremely well received by our children during every break in the yard, even in these temperatures (mid-November). The signage provided for the training exercises is excellent and meets our expectations in every respect.…"

The following article can be found in the city magazine “Du bist Halle”:

“Covered benches and calisthenics facilities enrich school life at “KGS Ulrich von Hutten”: Click here

Data about the project

Product: TOLYMP Fitnesspark M and fall protection surface made of fall protection plates with patented 3D puzzle interlocking
consisting of:
– 2 x calisthenicsTower (double and singleTower)
– Three-tier squat platform
– Incline bench
– Bar station
– Push-up bars
– Signage with exercise instructions

Technical data: Area 13,15 x 9,30 meters / 122,3 sqm
Certified according to DIN 1176 and 16630
max. fall height 280 cm
18-20 athletes can be used at the same time

Material: V2A stainless steel, some with glass bead blasted surfaces
Post cross section 100×100 mm, planned and manufactured in Germany

Construction: By local construction company.
TOLYMP had discussed the requirements for construction with the client in advance and instructed the construction company's site manager.
(Foundations, soil conditions, space requirements, TÜV approval, etc.)

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