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So that the calisthenics equipment, accessories and equipment can be enjoyed for years.

experience from over 200+ calisthenics projects for cities, municipalities and fitness studios

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Calisthenics equipment from TOLYMP

TOLYMP offers a large selection of calisthenics equipment, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. From simple gymnastics rings to adjustable pull-up bars, as a calisthenics enthusiast you can find accessories for all skill levels that suit your unique needs and budget. Every calisthenics equipment offered by TOLYMP has been developed with safety in mind to prevent injuries and ensure that you, the user, can get the most out of every workout. With high-quality and durable materials, shopping at TOLYMP is child's play for all calisthenics lovers.

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Made in Germany
Stable Robust Safe
Stable, robust and safe
  • TÜV certification according to DIN EN 16630: 2015-06
  • weather resistant, Theft- and vandalism-proof design
10 year guarantee Larger
Maintenance-free, without follow-up costs
  • Individual, expandable construction system of calisthenics equipment, supplies & gear
  • Including additional inventory: Fall protection mats, training concepts and signage
Subject matter experts
Subject matter experts with solutions
  • Free expert advice as well as 3D planning
  • Support with public tenders

Cities, municipalities, armed forces and police who already actively use TOLYMP Calisthenics equipment, accessories and gear:

Bayer Leverkusen
City of Jena
University of Potsdam
City of Worms
Friborg Correctional Facility
Westphalian Children's Village
Cannstadt swimming club
Hase Specialist Clinic
DJK Borussia

The All in one solution for Calisthenics equipment including accessories from AZ

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Four easy steps to your calisthenics equipment, accessories & equipment

Subject matter experts
1. Contact us and get free advice

Our product experts will advise you extensively and individually. We take the time for your ideas and plan the equipment and the necessary equipment with you free of charge in 3D.

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2. Receive an offer and test planning live

After receiving the offer, you can place your calisthenics equipment on the outside surface of your choice using augmented reality with your mobile phone.

3. Quality manufacturing and fast delivery

If you like the planning, we will manufacture the equipment including equipment and accessories and deliver it within 4 weeks.

assembly service
4. Reliable assembly service and TÜV approval

We support you with our assembly service and also take care of the TÜV approval.

We have the right calisthenics equipment + accessories Request free advice now.

Sales team
You can reach us at
+ 49 (0) 5405 9104030
or via contact form

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Calisthenics accessories - what counts in calisthenics equipment?

Calisthenics equipment is the generic term for a variety of equipment used in calisthenics exercises. These include e.g. B. Parallettes, pull-up bars, vault boxes, weight bags and dip stands. When it comes to calisthenics workouts, equipment is one of the most important tools for an effective training session. Using calisthenics accessories will help you perform longer repetitions that increase muscle strength and power and add intensity to your training program. Calisthenics equipment also supports balance and stability training, which is essential for building muscle. With TOLYMP calisthenics accessories, you can train at any level and at the same time be motivated to develop innovative movements that challenge your muscles every time and keep training fun!

Calisthenics equipment from TOLYMP

TOLYMP's calisthenics equipment is a great way to turn any outdoor area - but also any home - into a training paradise. From basic calisthenics pull-up bars to advanced bodyweight strength systems, we have something for everyone's fitness needs. The durability and ease of use of TOLYMP Calisthenics equipment makes it perfect for all levels - whether someone just starting out or a seasoned athlete looking to take their training to the next level. With TOLYMP it has never been so easy to improve your training at home.

What calisthenics equipment do I need at home?

In order to do calisthenics at home, you should buy the following equipment:

Pull up / chin up bar: A pull-up bar is a basic piece of equipment for calisthenics. It offers many opportunities to perform different exercises.

Push up handrails: With the push up handrails you can not only do regular push ups, but also variations such as super wide push ups.

Skipping rope: Skipping ropes help in descending and training the sense of balance. They can be used to improve mobility, for example.

Hula hoop: With a hula hoop you can easily do different core exercises and strengthen the core muscles.

Balance boards: Balance boards can be used to train coordination and balance. One can balance on it or try to do exercises in more difficult positions.

Resistance bands: Resistance bands allow one to do various strength exercises and strengthen the entire body. These bands provide more resistance to the body than regular bodyweight exercises alone, which helps build muscle more effectively.

Buy calisthenics equipment individually or in a complete set - which is better?

Buying calisthenics equipment can be an intimidating task for newcomers to the sport. The most common dilemma for new athletes is whether to buy a complete set or the individual pieces of equipment. When purchasing calisthenics equipment, there are pros and cons associated with each option.

Buying a complete kit gives beginners all the gear they need in one package, often at a lower price.

On the other hand, buying them individually offers more flexibility and makes it possible to buy specific accessories as needed.

Ultimately, the decision should come down to budget and long-term fitness goals.

Buy calisthenics equipment - very easy in the online shop

With our online shop, buying calisthenics equipment becomes child's play. Whether you're a beginner looking to buy everything from bars to rings, or you're a seasoned exerciser looking to buy some new suspension straps, we at TOLYMP have you covered. The wide range of calisthenics equipment accessories means you'll be able to find just the right equipment for your next workout in no time.