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Completely made of V2A stainless steel. For Calisthenics, street and fitness workouts as well as a trim device or climbing tower for the whole family. Expandable with sling trainer, rings, bands, etc.

Many of these stations / street workout systems are also suitable for use in public areas and are certified by TÜV Thuringia.

TÜV standard DIN EN 16630:2015-06. Stationary outdoor fitness equipment
or DIN EN 1176, playground equipment. We manufacture every street workout system for consistently high quality in Germany.

Our product experts will advise you extensively on all questions relating to:

  • Structure of the calisthenics station/ street workout facility according to guidelines
  • TÜV-compliant execution of the floor design
  • Selection and supply of fall protection from our wide range of products
  • Commissioning of Calisthenics facility

Calisthenics equipment for your optimal workout from TOLYMP

TOLYMP is your contact and supplier when it comes to high-quality calisthenics equipment. After all, this sport is extremely healthy and trendy. In the meantime, you can not only operate them outdoors, but also indoors, although the fresh air is of course much more pleasant. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert - you will find the right devices and other equipment with us.

In addition, our calisthenics stations and scaffolding are modular. For you, this means that you can not only be active in sports, but can also supplement the outdoor sports equipment with swings and other elements. So you have something for the whole family while you exercise and improve your fitness.

Our calisthenics equipment is made of stainless steel and cannot rust. Depending on the product you choose, the station has additional horizontal bars, hanging sections, wall bars or dip bars and much more.

So you always save yourself the trip to the nearest one Calisthenics park. These are often only available in larger cities, so you often have to improvise. But why should you improvise when you can also rely on our high-quality products? How to build your own calisthenics park with the right equipment will be discussed later. At this point, however, we would like to point out that the vast majority of TOLYMP devices after the DIN EN 16630: 2015-06 (Located outdoor fitness equipment) are certified.

What is calisthenics and what are its benefits?

This is a workout to satisfy different aspects of fitness. This includes endurance, general body control and feeling as well as strength. However, you don't use fitness equipment with a counterweight, as you know it from the gym, but only your own weight. Typical exercises for this are pull-ups, push-ups or squats. But there are also many other variations.

In contrast to cross training, there is a very clear distinction here from training with weights. A typical cross-training device is, for example, the kettlebell dumbbell. In calisthenics you don't use that at all, you only train with your own weight. On the one hand, this is much easier on the joints and, on the other hand, it is also more practical. After all, you don't need a gym for your workouts.

The trend comes from the USA. There is a fitness facility with dip bars, horizontal bars and calisthenics equipment like the ones we sell in almost every quarter. There it is also called calisthenics or street workout. If you enter this term on YouTube, you will find the wildest training movements on pull-up bars, gymnastic rings and wall bars.

Once you've reached a certain level of strength, you can make the bodyweight exercises more difficult. As a result, the training is neither boring nor one-sided. In the long run, however, you will have the best results if you rely on professional fitness equipment for calisthenics. You can place them indoors or in your garden.

The advantages speak for themselves. We have already dealt with the aspect of healthy joints. This has even been proven by scientific studies. In addition, you do not have to learn complicated training exercises, which reduces the risk of injury.

In weightlifting, there's an exercise called the deadlift. Here you can injure yourself very badly and damage your health in the long term. But this sport is different. The movement sequences are very simple, the spine is not unnaturally loaded and you can still build muscles and tone your body.

Furthermore, you can't use all the muscles in the gym that you train with your own weight when working out. Stabilization muscles like the core area are often neglected in the gym. Fortunately, this is different here, so that you improve your general fitness massively.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter which training goal you are pursuing, with the right training methods, any goal can be achieved. Muscle building, definition or just improving your health - it's all possible with our calisthenics equipment.

Where can the calisthenics station be used?

Since each article can be expanded with different elements, it can theoretically also be used in kindergarten or at school. You can use the pull-up bar for hanging games or attach gymnastic rings and expand the model with a wall bar. excellent gymnastics equipment for small and large.

Appropriate training exercises can be used to train and improve strength, cardio and coordination. It doesn't matter whether you want to push yourself to the limit on a regular basis or are just looking for a healthy balance to your stressful everyday life. Professional athletes as well as mothers and fathers have fun with our devices.

However, since our stations also appeal to different target groups, we have included additional categories in our shop. There is also a swing for families or human flag poles for extreme athletes. Expand your device according to your ideas.

Our customers are as diverse as our target groups are. As a result, we also know how diverse our calisthenics equipment can be used. However, it doesn't matter whether you are a business or a private customer.

We already know the following possible uses:

  • Functional training in the health and rehabilitation segment

  • Fitness and sports area for large companies

  • In parks or leisure facilities

  • schools, kindergartens and universities

  • At home in the garden area

The TÜV certificates required in the public sector in accordance with DIN EN 16630:2015-06. Most of our facilities already have site-specific outdoor fitness equipment.

Home is always the best!

Of course, your own four walls are perfect for you Fitnesspark on. After all, you don't always have a garden or you can't build anything in it. Sometimes the gardens are just too small. Basically, you can also install some equipment indoors, such as the dip bars.

Actually, the large models have to be concreted into the ground. There are different reasons for this. Due to the height, it is not always possible to accommodate them in one room. You can already attach our gymnastics rings to the ceiling. However, all this is very cumbersome and complicated. However, you should always ask yourself how much your health is worth to you.

If you also do dumbbell training, you can also take a look at our floor protection plates. Our offers are of extremely high quality, but are primarily intended for outdoor use. But since bodyweight exercises aren't available everywhere, a dip bar and other equipment is better than nothing.

Should you build the calisthenics equipment yourself?

As experts and manufacturers, we would strongly advise against this. After all, we have trained professionals who take care of the creation and production. That's why we know what to look out for. The setting in concrete alone is underestimated by many private individuals, but also by fitness studios.

Often there are many complications and grievances. The question also arises as to whether you would let your child use a self-made gymnastics bar. Injuries can always happen. All you have to do is not weld something perfectly and the rod will break off.

Furthermore, the costs for the materials and the expenditure of time are very high. The independent production then costs almost as much as a high-quality bar from TOLYMP. But with us you don't have any stress when it comes to construction and you don't have to worry about the quality. After all, over 1000 positive reviews speak for themselves.

Another downside is that you probably haven't planned or can't plan modularly. Since we know many possibilities, we have prepared and created our equipment in such a way that certain parts can always be added. In just a few months or years, just one calisthenics station can become an entire park.

You can continue to exercise and stay fit and healthy while saving a lot of time and money. Don't save in the wrong places! You can find more information about building your own on the linked page.

For use in public areas, e.g. parks, freely accessible playgrounds and sports fields, our devices are certified in accordance with the relevant DIN standard.
This certification was carried out by TÜV Thuringia and guarantees you trouble-free commissioning and long-term safe operation of the system.
The underlying standard is the TÜV standard DIN EN 16630:2015-06. Location-based outdoor fitness equipment. Alternatively, there is also the option of certification according to DIN EN 1176, which is required when using the devices in playgrounds.
We support your project in all questions relating to construction in accordance with TÜV 16630 guidelines, floor design and commissioning.

Bodyweight calisthenics exercises

Bodyweight fitness can look different. The linked post gives more information. Then there are the calisthenics exercises that you just have to do. In professional circles, this is also referred to as basic exercises. These are the following movements in this segment:

  1. squats

  2. pull ups

  3. Dips

  4. pushups

Sometimes they are also called compound exercises. The reason for this is that a particularly large number of muscle groups and also very large muscle groups are addressed here. For example, squats are even the supreme discipline in weight training. With just these four movements, you can challenge almost every part of your body.

Squats work the calves and thighs as well as the back and buttocks. Push-ups work the shoulders, chest and triceps. The pull-ups address the entire back and biceps. Dips are another excellent exercise for the chest and triceps. With just a few, an ideal full-body workout can be accomplished.

Building a calisthenics park: this is what you need!

Of course, you can also build an entire park yourself. It doesn't matter to us whether you build it in the garden landscape or in a public place. The main thing is that you own and can offer or use the main fitness stations. If you use our products, you can perform most movements and address and challenge just as many muscle groups.

Pull-up bars and a monkey bar should always be available. The wall bars should not be missing and you should also have parallel bars. Rings are also important for gymnastics, as they address the stabilization muscles very strongly. You can find more facts about the construction in the linked article.

Closing words

Do you have any questions? Then get in touch with us today or write to us via chat, email or Facebook. We can be reached on various social networks and are always at your disposal. But what are you waiting for? Finally start building your home gym and become a pro at calisthenics.