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Wood and stainless steel in the mix: The entry-level model with 3 pull-up rods

The best of both worlds: For the children, a warm wooden play area, for adults, a professional training area in stainless steel..

The pull-up bar in the stainless steel area is adjustable in 25 increments; the gym bar for the kids in six increments. Thereby adults, youths and children alike can quickly find the right height.

Stable construction, finished throughout in V2A stainless steel and high quality, split-core larchwood..

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839,00 €

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  • 1x M12 centrally mounted screw bolt (standard)
  • Pro-training bar, mounting brackets each with 2xM12 screws, length 140 cm
  • Non quick-release
  • With quick-release
Delivery time: 12-16 days **

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New in programm - STEELWOOD
The unique combination of larch wood and V2A stainless steel

A fully equipped facility for a variety of training and play opportunities for the whole family.

  • The pull-up bars imin the parents‘ area can be adjusted however you wish, in 25 increments from 15 cm to 240 cm, using the quick-adjuster included.
  • The gym bar, which joins the two segments, can be permanently mounted between wood and stainless steel posts, on a 9 cm grid.
  • The third gym bar in the larchwood area is adjustable 6 ways.

Steelwood Starterhorn Edelstahl-Komponenten

The stainless steel components

Our products are characterized by the use of high-quality material as well as a professionally executed and high-quality workmanship. The material is completely machined, all welds are clean.

The dimensions of the vertical posts are 80 x 60 mm and a reinforced wall thickness of 3 mm.

Steelwood Starterhorn Holzelemente

The Wooden Elements

Complete, fully worked posts made from untreated, chemical-free larchwood, measuring 9 x 9 cm, 200 cm long.
All edges and cut faces softly rounded, the upper end attractively finished in a semicircle.

The larchwood used is of a very high quality, the wood is core-free and dried. We buy this wood from artisan sawmills, which work according to our quality standards
Treatment with wood preservers is unnecessary. Even boat keels are made out of these exceptionally robust woods. Therefore, no trace of chemical leaches out of the wood, as is the case with pressure-impregnated softwoods. Otherwise, the wood possesses a fine aesthetic, which together with the stainless steel bar, turns the gymnastics bar into one of your garden’s highlights.
Naturally, it is up to you, if you want the wood treated with wood preserving oil, stain, varnish or any colourings, for aesthetic reasons.
Delivery includes galvanised H-post mounts for setting into concrete in the ground.
Please note that the lower fixing holes on the H-post mounts are not drilled. These must be drilled on site using a 12 mm bit.


Installation and Adjustment of the Gym Barsn

Standard version for normal gymnastics and pull-up activities

In the standard package the gym bars have a CNC-machined screw bit welded onto both ends, which are each equipped with an M12 thread.  In addition, the mounting plates on each post are provided with a knurled surface, that stops the bar from spinning.​

The gym bar is screwed from the outside with a central screw and thereby held reliably in place.​

This version is particularly suited for use as a pull-up bar.  In combination with the available optional quick-adjuster, rapid adjustment of the gym bar’s height is possible.​

Special Version for Maximum Loadingn

For an additional cost, a version is available with two welded mounts, whereby two M12 bolts hold the bar on each side.  Furthermore, the wall thickness of the bar is 3 mm, as opposed to 2.5 mm for the standard version.

With this, simultaneous turning of the bar during heavy loading, e.g. during swing exercises, is reliably avoided.​

The screws on here are provided with rounded heads, so that, on the inside of the gym bar, no risk of injury is presented by protruding screw heads.

The screws on the outside also have no sharp edges, achieved by using self-locking capping nuts.​

Adjustment of the gymnastic bars

In stainless steel with quick adjustments:
Attaching the horizontal bar, as well as adjusting the height, is done using two M12 star-shaped screws. For this reason, the horizontal bar has a CNC-milled turned part at both ends, which each have an M12 thread. In addition, the two contact surfaces are attached to the post with a knurl to effectively prevent the rods spinning.

Quick adjustment of the gymnastic bars

For the two fastening methods described above, we have developed a quick adjustment method for each of them, which are quite different to the assembly.​ Both methods are characterised by the ability to quickly adjust the height without the use of tools.​​

Standard version with an M12 central screw

The central screw has a massive star grip, which allows you to tighten the rod on each side..

Special version with welded latches

For this version, we supply 2 powerful star grip nuts for each side, which you can use to quickly tighten or loosen the two M12 screws.

In the larch wood area:

Adjusting the height of the bar is very easy and hassle-free. The horizontal bar can be detached from the welded-on safety latch using a screwdriver, the bar can be placed in a new position and then the latch can be re-fastened with the two screws, ensuring it is absolutely secure and does not rotate.

The following 6 bar heights are possible:
95, 115, 135, 155, 175, 195 cm Height

Assembly and installation of the equipment

In principle, the equipment can be installed at any installation site. The posts are secured in concrete foundations, which are approx. 60 cm deep. The stainless steel posts are cemented directly into the cement, the wooden posts in galvanized wooden post anchors.

To ensure seamless installation, you will receive:

  • All the required fixtures and fittings. The only thing missing is the ready-mixed concrete (sacks of concrete mix are available at hardware shops)
  • Assembly instructions, incl. foundation plans and elevation sketches
  • Threaded rods incl. screw connections for millimetre precision alignment of the equipment

Alignment using threaded rods

The parallel, perpendicular and exact alignment of the posts is of huge importance for stable installation of the equipment. By using the M12 size threaded rods and the horizontal bars, the equipment can be exactly aligned before concreting. This way, the distance of the posts will be ensured with millimetre precision until the concrete hardens.

Floor design

Lawn can be used for the floor, but fall-protection mats or sheets have better properties. These items are available from specialty stores in square or rectangular shapes and in different colours. In comparison to grass, these mats offer better protection against falls.
In addition, combining the mats with the wood-stainless steel products, will make the design of your play equipment very appealing.

Principle sketch

Floor design with fall protection plates

Steelwood Starterhorn Gewindestangen

Use of threaded rods

Further information

Technical specificationsat the top of the tab TECHNICAL DATA
Dimensional sketchat the top of this page at the pictures
Product information as a PDF fileStart PDF download
360 ° round view

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Data sheet
Required floor area including edge areas380 x 220 cm
Number of pull-up bars3 bars
Execution of gymnastics barsmade of polished V2A stainless steel, diameter 33.7 mm, wall thickness 2.5 mm, length 140 cm
Height of gymnastics barsGymnastic bars adjustable in 9 cm grid between 15 and 240 cm (optional 300)
Post dimension and wall thickness80x60x3 mm
Dip barswithout dip bars
Burdenup to 150 kg per training element
Gymnastic bars between larch wood postsLength 140 cm, diameter 30 mm
Test live in 3D

Per app in the garden

Place the gymnastic bar virtually and realistically in your garden.
Your family and friends will be amazed.
Also check the size directly at the planned location.

That's how it works

1. Download the AUGMENT app on your tablet or smartphone


2. Open the product on your mobile device and click the button
Open Steelwood Starterhorn

Thus, the station loads in the AUGMENT App.
Watch demo video

Product Options
Training bar fixtures
Training bar fixtures

Standard design for normal gymnastics and pull-up activities

The standard delivery package includes a welded M12 threaded insert on each side of the gymnastics bar.
This is bolted from the outside with a central screw and held reliably.
The gymnastics bar has a wall thickness of 2.5 mm.

Special design for maximum load
A version with two welded fastening straps is available at extra cost, with two M12 screws per side holding the rod. This reliably prevents turning of the rod even under heavy loads .
The screws are designed as Allen head screws so that there is no danger of injury from protruding parts on the inside of the gymnastics bar The turn bar has a wall thickness of 3.0 mm.
The screw connection on the outside also has no sharp edges and is done using self-locking cap nuts .

1x M12 centrally mounted screw bolt (standard)
Pro-training bar, mounting brackets each with 2xM12 screws, length 140 cm
Quick-release type
Quick-release type

For both types of attachment described above, we have each developed a quick adjustment.
You can use it to quickly adjust the height of the rod without tools.

Standard version with M12 central screw
The central screw has a solid star grip , which you can use to open the bar tighten each side.

Special design with welded tabs
In this version, we deliver 2 strong star grip nuts on each side with which you can quickly fix or loosen the two M12 screws.

Non quick-release
With quick-release

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