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A climbing frame for your own garden. Which child does not dream of this?
At TOLYMP you will find high-quality multi-functional climbing towers that the whole family will enjoy for many years.

Equipped with a swing, climbing net, rung and monkey ladder as well as various gymnastics bars, these facilities will be the highlight in your garden for years to come.

These climbing frames are planned and manufactured by us here in Osnabrück and shipped directly to you.
Individual planning and custom-made products are possible without any problems; You can contact us at any time by telephone or e-mail.



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High-quality climbing frame from TOLYMP directly from Germany

The climbing frame is extremely popular, which applies to both young and old. Every child dreams of their own climbing frame and climbing tower in the garden. But the play tower does not always have to be outside, the climbing frame can also be installed indoors. You also have the advantage that you can also buy many accessories with our article.

For example, we also offer a swing, a net for climbing and much more for the play tower. You can basically add a slide or a wooden playhouse to our climbing tower. There are enough offers. All you have to do is find the right price and start looking.

In the long term, our range of climbing frames and play towers for the garden and children and our categories will be expanded so that you can order many more extensions directly from TOLYMP. If you have product requests, you are welcome to express them. Simply contact us and we will design your climbing frame according to your wishes.

Delivery, shipping and shipping costs depend on the weight of your order. Unfortunately, we have no leeway here either. Nevertheless, a high-quality climbing frame awaits you.

The design has also changed significantly. In the past there were many large, metal and cuboid monkey bars. There's a lot more variation now. On every playground you somehow see other models and variants.

With our products, however, your descendants not only have a climbing tower to play with, but can also do sports. Be it through the additional climbing wall, a slide, a rope ladder or other product extensions that look good on a climbing frame.

Due to the high-quality workmanship and the use of metal, the goods are not only very durable and of high quality, but also suitable for parents and grandparents. Our company would like to enable a lot of fun, games and fitness with the devices for the whole family. After all, it's still healthiest when you do gymnastics on the horizontal bar outdoors.

What do we mean by the term (children's) climbing frame?

In contrast to many other providers, we deliberately do not rely on wood. Sometimes it may look more visually appealing, but often the material rots away over time. The maintenance is much more complex. So you have to impregnate it regularly, check the fittings regularly and renew the paint every year. After all, you can't just take the scaffolding away or move it around just because it's exposed to the weather.

So that you don't have such an annoying and time-consuming effort, we decided early on to use stainless steel. Stainless steel withstands all weather conditions, is much easier to care for and also looks high-quality. Here you have no comparable effort as described above. But we will come back to the material later.

We also focus on fitness and exercise. For the offspring, this has the advantage that they develop a certain body awareness through movement. Finally, studies have found that more and more elementary school-age children are overweight and lack basic motor skills.

If you as a parent set a good example here, you can prevent this. Have a good time with the family by all exercising on our equipment. The gymnastics equipment is therefore suitable for young and old. Here you will find More information. The play towers, the climbing frame and equipment can be used in a variety of ways and are also very inexpensive.

You can also add extensions to our articles so that it never gets boring. This is another positive aspect of TOLYMP.

What else can you do on a climbing frame?

You don't just have to climb, you can also swing, balance and let your creativity run free with additions. With our help, your descendants can occupy themselves much more meaningfully. The movements are all suitable for children and create an excellent body feeling. Motor skills are also developed in a playful way at a young age - important points from a parent's point of view.

It doesn't matter whether your youngster really uses the gymnastics bar in your facility to train for children's gymnastics or just for a lot of fun. Such devices can be used in many different ways. You should definitely not save in the wrong place here. We only sell high-quality towers and also offer security.

Our high-quality fall protection mats from WARCO, for example for the climbing wall, can be easily cut and processed so that you protect your youngster in the event of a fall and prevent serious injuries.

Of course, injuries in the garden cannot always be prevented. After all, the kids should let off steam and enjoy the time. However, the fall protection mats are highly recommended. It's better to be safe than sorry and you can even create colored patterns with these, so your kids can enjoy them too.

Material of our climbing frames

We also offer some items made of larch wood. However, this is rather the exception, as many customers also opt for the higher quality version. Furthermore, we simply have a much better feeling here. After all, your kids romp and hang on the bars and so on. The burden is quite high. That's why stainless steel is our first choice here too. A certain stability is simply guaranteed here.

Furthermore, one also has the advantage that it is non-rusting. So you don't have to worry about the weather at any time. Any of our gymnastics equipment that is made exclusively of stainless steel can be left outside.

You don't have to cover it at any time or even dismantle it and set it up again somewhere else. Nevertheless, you should check the stainless steel framework for damage or anything else in the spring. Basically, it is 100% heat resistant and weatherproof. This is a massive advantage for any busy person who wants to use their free time productively.

In addition, it is also extremely easy to care for. You only need to take a clean washcloth if it gets dirty. You can then use this to wipe over the gymnastics frame and most of the dirt should be removed. In some cases, rust film also forms. You can easily remove this too.

All you need is polish and cleaner. Now put this on the cloth and then wipe over the stainless steel. You don't have to rub hard at all. The rust film will be gone within a very short time and you will once again have a radiant outdoor climbing frame for your children and of course for yourself.

Who is the climbing frame suitable for?

Basically, you can't make any generalizations here. After all, not only kids can enjoy it, but also adults. This is especially true for our playground equipment. After all, our climbing frames are a mixture of employment and physical activity. Adults can keep fit with calisthenics or cross-training exercises.

We don't want to commit ourselves here either. After all, it is a varied play paradise. But make sure your kids don't overdo it. Suppose you decide to expand a climbing net. The stitches should not be too big, but adjusted to the size of your kids. Basically, we would also say that our climbing frame is not suitable for children of pre-kindergarten age.

However, this also differs from family to family. There are some very affine and sporty kids who are already intelligent at a young age and have a certain amount of muscle strength. From kindergarten age, however, your kids can move more and more outdoors with you and do sports and develop their body awareness.

Is it really safe?

We have already introduced you to our fall protection plates. These are an important factor in rock-solid protection. Of course, as a parent, you always fear the worst. However, you can trust your kids a little more. Because the biggest existing risk is actually that the person falls off. This is exactly what the fall protection mats are intended for.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a climbing frame?

Disadvantages, which are only conditionally disadvantages, are that you cannot dismantle them quickly. Some of our models also require a lot of space. A large area can be used in a small garden. Otherwise there are no other disadvantages that we or our customers are aware of.

For kids as well as for many adults it has only advantages. Finally, the little ones can let their creativity run free on the climbing frame. The climbing frame then suddenly becomes a steep mountain that wants to be climbed. But nasty bandits are waiting at the top, and they have to be defeated first. Such games can be played ideally with our models.

It is also extremely helpful for training and developing motor skills. Among other things, the sense of balance is also developed in this way. The assembly is also very simple and you can increase the fun with many extensions.

Do you have to concrete it in?

We always recommend the cast-in method. After all, a safe stand is extremely important. Among other things, this is an important factor when it comes to reducing the risk of accidents. We cannot recommend any alternatives. We have also tested this, but could not achieve a satisfactory result.

What promotes a climbing castle?

You can find out the exact skills that are promoted in the linked blog post. After all, there are many positive aspects that affect the healthy development of your child. Among other things, physical well-being is improved. In addition, the muscles are also trained on a healthy basis.

Motor skills and coordination skills are also trained. Your offspring will learn how to properly use their power. At the same time, cognitive skills are also trained. Finally he has to think about how he can climb up and which way is the most promising.

Build your own climbing frame or not? Are there building instructions?

Never would we conscientiously recommend that you build it yourself. It's just too dangerous and so much can go wrong. With a sandbox it's something else, but a high frame must stand securely and be processed perfectly and professionally.

While there are plenty of building instructions available online, unless you are knowledgeable in this area, then you should never attempt to build one yourself. You would never forgive yourself for injuries caused by not building well enough. That's why you should rather rely on a professional provider who has already become an established brand.

We look forward to seeing you!