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High-quality and stable climbing net for attachment to a gymnastics bar.

Climbing net for children | Outdoor as a gymnastics extension from TOLYMP

Children love our climbing net and rope ladder, while adults do sports and set a good example for their children. Because that is exactly our passion and we at TOLYMP pursue it purposefully. So it is not only important that your children have fun in the garden on our climbing net, but also that they do sports and grow up with physical activity.

Because more and more kids of primary school age are overweight and have severe motor weaknesses. So that your child does not get into this situation, you should introduce them to the sport early on and have fun. For this you can go to a playground with a climbing wall, climbing frame or play tower.

But a much better solution is our climbing frame or climbing net, which parents can use for sport while the kids get their very own outdoor climbing net in the garden. Such play towers, a climbing net or a wall bars are always very well received. There is enough choice here.

If you have taken a closer look at our climbing nets and other accessories, you know that we can also add a swing to this. You can find more accessories on our website. This means that the gymnastics equipment can be expanded in a modular way, see:

Although we offer our items in wood, we definitely recommend the stainless steel version, which you can also find in our web shop. The reason for this is that the wood can rot away over time. You have to take care of it very intensively, which takes a lot of time. This gives you even less free time and stainless steel also looks much higher quality. It's also more durable, so you get a much longer return on your investment.

If you want to buy it, then at TOLYMP. However, we will come back to the advantages and further information in more detail in a moment. After all, it should also look good outdoors and complement other gymnastics equipment.

A climbing net for child development

Since climbing in the net trains and learns coordinative and motor skills, it is particularly important for the development of adolescents. Eventually, the body is stressed, so that muscles are formed and a certain body awareness develops.

As a family-friendly company, we know this best and therefore want to actively encourage the creative and playful instincts of your little ones. The climbing net in the garden quickly becomes the place for a garden pirate who is about to board a ship. There are no limits for your creativity.

If required, you can add our swings and thus always provide enough variety so that the climbing net device never gets boring. Because the adolescents are bursting with energy and they have to get rid of it.

But when you look at other activities, it's normal to sometimes worry about the safety of your offspring. However, unlike other activities, rock climbing is relatively safe. Finally, you can also supplement the subsoil with fall protection plates, so that the fall is cushioned.

Climbing in trees or scaffolding is not safe and can be very dangerous. It is better to pay a slightly higher price to ensure the safety of your little ones. Our nets are 140 cm wide and 160 cm high and can be loaded up to 100 kg. Many offer 200 cm x 200 cm, whereby the mesh size then also suffers, which has a direct impact on the quality.

What material is there and what do we use for the climbing net?

For the production we use 14 mm thick Polyhemp ropes, which are short-spun and have very robust synthetic yarn. Here we cooperate closely with a long-established ropemaker in Germany, who create the climbing nets for us with our mesh size. So every rope is safe, robust and suitable for us.

Other providers rely on Hercules cordage, which has twisted steel strands. Although this is also wrapped with polyester yarn, the steel strands can also come to light if there is a correspondingly high degree of wear - another risk of injury.

We made a conscious decision against polypropylene cordage, as we felt it was simply too inferior. We want our customers to have something of our products for a long time and to put something great in the garden of their adolescents.

However, we would also like to emphasize at this point that it can also be used indoors. It does not necessarily have to be used as an extension, but can also be used as an individual product.

Fall protection mats as useful accessories

The climbing net and the rope are sometimes very high and if you have other cross training and calisthenics equipment from us, then the climbing tour could go high. You should also use our fall protection mats to prevent serious injuries during gymnastics if your child falls off the scaffolding.

You can also find these in our online shop. We consistently rely on rubber granulate in many different colors so that it also looks visually appealing. Here we work closely with the German manufacturer called WARCO. WARCO is one of the leading manufacturers of fall protection elements in Germany.

Another option would be a sandbox. After all, sand is also very soft and, in the worst case, cushions your child's fall. However, not everyone has a sandbox or cannot move it flexibly.

Climbing net assembly - different options

The climbing net can be attached in different ways. We have already mentioned several times that the installation on our gymnastics equipment is the easiest. In principle, however, it can be installed at any location. The important thing is that it can be securely fastened. However, we have also adapted our wingspan and size to our devices.

But we don't want to stop you from setting up the climbing net in your house or elsewhere. As you can also see from the product images, it is partly made of larch wood and stands freely in the garden. This is also possible and offers sufficient security.

It is quite possible that you can also use a loft bed for this. Schools, universities and gymnasiums can also use the side wall on the net. There are many different options here. If you are aiming for such a project, you can contact us in advance. With our 3D planning, we can realistically show you how we would implement your project.

However, we would like to mention and emphasize the sporting activity in the fresh air again. Exercise in the fresh air is incredibly healthy and important. After all, most people these days sit indoors and stare at their smartphones. It's no secret that it's not good for your health.

How do I properly care for it?

The care of the climbing net varies. It also always depends on the material that was used. If you have attached the network to one of our devices, you have to check significantly less and spend hardly any time on maintenance. Otherwise, it is important that you check the status of the network.

Sometimes trees put down roots far and deep, thereby loosening the attachment. It would be tragic if the climbing frame or climbing net suddenly fell over and your child was injured by the net. But you should also check the attachment to walls or our gymnastics equipment.

This also includes checking the anchoring to the play tower or other objects and objects. You should also regularly check the knots on the climbing net and check the general condition of the net.

Anything that looks different in any way than it once looked should be critically examined. Better safe than sorry. This is where many people save, but this is fundamentally wrong.

Make your own climbing net and information about the knots

We often read on the Internet that do-it-yourselfers want to create a climbing net on their own. However, it is not a good idea to make the climbing net yourself. Information about the knots in the climbing net is often missing here. Finally, safety is extremely important. We work with a highly professional company that has been dedicated to the creation for several years. Come to us for your safe climbing net!