Calisthenics: Working out with your own bodyweight

The term calisthenics describes the training methods that are performed using nothing but your own bodyweight. This makes this strand of sport the opposite of a Crosstraining workout, which is performed with the help of special stations and equipment or with the use of appropriate accessories. Calisthenics, also called Freeletics, does away with this special equipment, only making use of simple exercise equipment such as gymnastic bars, such as pull-up bars.

Doing calisthenics primarily promotes the development of motor skills, muscular hypertrophy and endurance. A session consists of simple exercises that train the body’s larger muscle groups. The basic exercises can just be modified in order to hit the smaller muscle groups. Some of the frequently performed exercises are squats, the classic push-ups, and of course, pull-ups.

The recurring hype about training methods using your own bodyweight

Calisthenics is a very old training method that can be performed by people of all ages because you can perform the exercises using nothing but your own bodyweight, free from cumbersome machines. Anyone wanting to get visible results from their training in a relatively short amount of time should supplement their training with simple exercise equipment such as gymnastic bars, horizontal bars or other kinds of steel frames. People these days don’t have much spare time and are constantly stressed out from everyday life, resulting in many people performing this type of sport exclusively with equipment. We have also noticed an increased number of inquiries regarding calisthenics stations in the last few years, so we have introduced various exercise equipment into our product range for targeted training of muscle groups or performing basic exercises. Calisthenics can be performed in groups as well as by yourself. The important thing is that everyone does exercises appropriate to their fitness level.

Calisthenics stations for every training session

In our product range, you can find exercise equipment for every workout. Our calisthenics stations are made exclusively from V2A stainless steel and are expandable, meaning they can serve as exercise equipment or a modern variation of the classic wooden playground or jungle gym for the whole family and not just for the avid Freeletics or calisthenics athlete. We offer a number of accessories to supplement our steel frames and calisthenics stations, such as sling trainers, rings, or bands, which you can attach to the corresponding equipment as you wish.

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