Crosstraining, the trend sport: training equipment and rigs for your ideal Fitness workout

Crosstraining is one of the toughest workouts that you can currently get in the realm of fitness and is comparable to a type a boot camp. Crosstrining, the fitness in general is talked about a lot in professional circles as well. Once upon a time, you would have been able to equate this sport with a training session in the army. This new type of sport originated in the USA from where the fitness trend spread to Germany some time ago.

Crosstraining constitutes of a mix of functional training, competitive sport and classical fitness training and is suitable for people of every age group and at all stages of training. Both young and old, beginners and advanced get their money’s worth out of this type of training. Crosstraining is a combination of various training methods with an emphasis on endurance training, strength exercises and gymnastic elements. The training session itself takes place in the so-called Crosstraining box, a training space that is especially set up for the demands of the boot camp style workouts. Most of the time, the participant is spurred on into high performance with encouragement from a fitness trainer who motivates them to train harder and overcome one’s own limits.

Training mit Slingtrainer an der TrimmstationTraining with a Slingtrainer
TOLYMP Cross-Station aufgestellt bei einem KundenTOLYMP Cross Station
Dip-Station aus Edelstahl von TOLYMPDip-Barren Station, available separately

Training equipment and rigs for your fitness workout

To keep up with the trend and meet the high demands for this market, we have decided to incorporate Fitness stations and Crosstraining equipment in our product range as well so that we can offer you the optimal support for your workout journey.
Our Fitness station is designed to be used outdoors, meaning it can be set up in the open air, for example in your own garden.

In order to effectively engage in Crosstraining, it is vital to have the right equipment at your disposal. Choosing the ideal sports equipment is completely dependent on which elements you are wanting to include in your workout. To this end, there are a variety of Crosstraining stations that are especially designed to gear towards either strength and endurance, or training devices that focus on jumping exercises and HIIT workouts.

Langhantelhalterung als Zubehör im Shop erhältlich
Klimmzugstange für Pull-Ups
Monkey-Bar bzw. Hangelleiter im Einsatz
Langhantel-Training an der TOLYMP Cross-Station

In addition to the fitness stations, this type of training often falls back on a range of accessories and equipment which are unique to the realm of crosstraining and which make training results appear very quickly. In the future, you will also find several accessory items, that are especially designed for the sub-disciplines of this training method, amongst our product range. For example, we can warmly recommend kettlebells to you. With this piece of equipment in hand, you can perform swinging exercises as well as training the entire body. The kettlebells are there for when dumbbells encounter their limits. Even barbells get some action during crosstraining training and are primarily used for classic exercises such as weightlifting, squats or deadlifts.
You can upgrade our Fitness station with an barbell rack, which you can order as an accessory piece.

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Pick out the Fitness equipment from our product range that best suits your own personal training needs. Do you need help with choosing equipment? Or are you looking for a sturdy alternative to classic wooden playground or jungle gym for your children?
Or are you interested in buying an individually customised outdoor-fitness station tailored precisely to your needs? We can help you with this through our planning service, which turns your ideas and desires into concrete designs using the latest 3D CAD technology.

We would be more than happy to help you personally and assist you in piecing together your ideal outdoor-fitness station.

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