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One of the toughest workouts ever can be done with cross training systems. Because cross training is one of the most strenuous sports in the world. In principle, you can even compare it to a boot camp. The training methods and facilities are only known from the army. In Germany, too, cross training is now a growing trend, which originally comes from the USA.

The advantage of this training method is that it is a mixture of three training variants:

1. Functional training

2. Competitive sport

3. Classic fitness training

This makes it suitable for every age group. You can also get through the tough workouts as a beginner and constantly improve. Each training is divided into three categories. There are endurance units, gymnastics elements and strength exercises. In a crosstraining gym you will always find the current training written on a box.

In short, this sport can be described with the following slogan: Maximum stress on the cardiovascular system and muscles. The physical fitness but also the mental strength is incredibly stressed. Even if the training can be done with your own body weight, you still need some accessories and equipment, such as power racks, pull-up bars, dip bars, kettlebells and other items.

Basically, such training can also be carried out without a trainer. You can hardly hurt yourself with your own body weight. The muscles, joints and bones are not stressed too much, but in an appropriate range.

Below we will explain to you exactly what you need and what expenses you can save yourself. But it's not just the sports equipment that is important, but also the accessories.
An important note at this point: The majority of TOLYMP devices are certified for use in public areas in accordance with the TÜV standard DIN EN 16630:2015-06 (site-specific outdoor fitness equipment).

The 5 most popular training devices!

The most popular and important are the rigs. Because with it you can claim almost all parts of the body and keep fit accordingly. In most cases, you do not need products such as a cross trainer. Finally, you can also go for a run in the fresh air, which is also much healthier.

The rig is also often called a rack. In the rack you can store dumbbells and barbells or do pull-up exercises. This means you can do without weights and you don't need any weight plates that you lose at home or are unnecessary.

With such a fitness article, you can combine it with a rope. Place this around a corner and now carry out the corresponding movements. The ropes mainly train the condition. Nevertheless, shoulders, abdomen, back, arms and legs are also trained.

Not to be forgotten is the pull-up bar. Normally this is included with a rig. If you only need the rod, you can also buy it separately. In our online shop we sell the pull-up bar as a single part. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us. We are happy to help.

The fourth product we can name is Pullup Rings. You can also do pull-ups or muscle ups and dips on these. However, the challenge here is maintaining balance, which is a typical aspect of functional training.

Because you have to keep your balance, other muscle groups are also addressed and used.

Athletes like to use such training equipment. After all, they are significantly more demanding than others.

Finally, we want to highlight the kettlebells. Below we go into more detail on the subject. After all, they are the classics for every workout. You can't do without a kettlebell for strength training either. The movements are very natural and therefore easy on the joints.

Your home equipment should mainly consist of these five parts. Almost every gym now has such equipment. Performing calisthenics does not necessarily have to be done at home, but it is much more pleasant and cheaper in the long run.

Good outdoor fitness machines for strength, speed and condition

Healthy fitness consists of strength, speed and conditioning. So that your condition and your heart are also pushed to the limit. Normally this is achieved very quickly through jumping exercises. For this you can use skipping ropes or so-called plyo boxes.

The condition can also be trained by punch series. In addition, fast series of punches on a sandbag also strain the upper body muscles. This also puts a lot of strain on the cardiovascular system.

Another option is to get a truck tire or tractor tire and hit it with a hammer. Of course, you can also do simpler training exercises for your condition.

However, you need a bicycle ergometer, spinning bike or rowing ergometer for this. Of course you can also move in nature. It's definitely a lot more fun too.

Medicine balls are also recommended for strength training. In addition, you can also exercise very well with cross-fitness equipment. The medicine ball is also intended for fitness and speed. For example, you take it in your arms and run with it.

You can set up different stations. A satisfied customer of ours told how he implements it. He has set up different stations at the sports facility. Finally, you can also use it as a dumbbell stand. There he then does squats with a barbell, then hanging exercises and then dips on the rings.

Meanwhile, his little daughter is playing on the horizontal bar and is also doing sports. In this way, you will be introduced to healthy sport and fitness at a young age.

Gymnastic rings and medicine balls as a training device!

Rings are mainly used in gymnastics. As a result, an athlete remains athletic, dynamic and agile. But there are many other reasons why you should get such rings. The focus is on building functional strength.

This means that you must use your body to stabilize the rings as you perform the movements. Its entire body provides sufficient stabilization. This has the advantage that the deep muscles are very heavily used.

The deep muscles are one of the most important muscle groups, along with the stabilization muscles, which are located in the core area.

You can also move your wrists freely. Due to the large freedom of movement, comprehensive training takes place. The best thing is that you can find such rings at our fitness or at a gymnastics equipment can attach. In addition, you can unhook it at any time and, for example, attach your daughter's swing. These are also available inexpensively in our web shop.

Crosstraining exercises with or without functional training equipment?

Saving money is always a hot topic. However, one should never save at the wrong ends. It would always take revenge somehow. In the field of sports, it could be the equipment. That is why we are now investigating whether and how you can do sports without fitness equipment.

Cross training at home is quite possible. There are enough bodyweight exercises that you can create an effective workout. However, it is always a matter of taste. Fitness exercises such as pull-ups, dips or hand-hanging are very difficult to replicate without stations.

However, if you like doing the same fitness exercises over and over again and can motivate yourself that way, then so be it. Nevertheless, there are some aspects to consider. For example, you should warm up thoroughly beforehand. It is enough if you perform dynamic movements for about 5-8 minutes.

For example, you can do light jumps, squats, push-ups or even run on the spot. You should also stretch a bit. This minimizes the risk of injury. There is more about them here cross training exercises. It is then important that you carry out the movements in a controlled manner. Ideally, you always have everything under control. At first, don't pay attention to the allotted time, but look at your execution and, ideally, correct yourself.

After your fitness workout, you should do a short cooldown. In most cases, this takes 5 minutes and ensures that you slowly come down again. During the cooldown, the focus is on stretching and stretching. You can find out more about the sports exercises here.

What fitness exercises are there without equipment?

As already mentioned, there is already a lot of choice when it comes to this. Nevertheless, one or the other will get bored in the long run. But it's perfectly adequate to get you started. The following exercises are recommended:

  1. burpees

  2. Squats

  3. Lunges

  4. sit ups

  5. Push Ups

The probability of injury is quite low. Nonetheless, you should warm up and cool down after the training session as well. There are many videos on YouTube that provide more information on this topic.

You can find out more about fitness exercises without training equipment on the linked page.

Should you build your own sports equipment?

Here we can answer with a resounding “no”. It would be far too dangerous to build them yourself. After all, you need the appropriate skills in the field of welding and pottering. On the other hand, you also need the right material. Ultimately, you pay with your time. Not only do you have expenses for the welding equipment and materials, but you also lose a lot of time.

In this you can do more useful things. Furthermore, the risk of an accident should not be underestimated. Would you really let your child play with it? Would you attach accessories such as swings or other there with a clear conscience?

Safety is still paramount and thanks to our many years of experience in this area, we can already guarantee a certain level of safety. You certainly don't want to take the blame for your child's accident. After all, very serious injuries are possible.

For example, the gym bar could come loose, causing your child to fall onto their back - or worse, onto their head. This can have serious consequences for healthy development.

Why go through all that stress when you can buy ready-made equipment? The TOLYMP tower is safe and made of the highest quality materials. The functional training device is not only intended for adults, but also as a play tower for your little ones. The whole family benefits!

However, are you planning to use it in public areas, e.g. parks, freely accessible playgrounds and sports fields, etc.?
Then the following information is very important for you: Our TOLYMP devices are certified in accordance with the relevant DIN standard. This certification was carried out by TÜV Thuringia and guarantees you trouble-free commissioning and long-term safe operation of the system.
The underlying norm is the TÜV standard DIN EN 16630:2015-06. Stationary outdoor fitness equipment. Alternatively, there is also the possibility of a Certification according to DIN EN 1176which is required when using the equipment in playgrounds.
We support your project in all questions relating to construction in accordance with TÜV 16630 guidelines, floor design and commissioning.

Outdoor fitness equipment from TOLYMP

TOLYMP has specialized in the production of high-quality outdoor fitness equipment. Whether it's pull-up bars, dip stations or parallel bars - you can complete effective outdoor training with TOLYMP equipment. This not only improves physical fitness, but also strengthens the mind. With outdoor fitness equipment from TOLYMP you can easily go into nature and train in the fresh air. The equipment is rustproof and weather resistant, making it a long-lasting investment for any fitness enthusiast. If you are looking for versatile and robust outdoor fitness equipment, TOLYMP is the right choice.

If you are looking for a way to get some physical activity outdoors, outdoor fitness equipment is a great option. These exercise machines are specifically designed to be used outdoors and offer a variety of exercises that can improve your strength, endurance and flexibility. The best part is that when you use outdoor fitness equipment, you can enjoy the benefits of exercise in the fresh air. Instead of sweating it out in a stuffy gym, you can do your workouts in a park or other public space. Check your local town or city to see if they make such devices available, or consider buying some yourself and putting them in your backyard. Get fit while enjoying the beautiful nature!

Build your own home gym – what do you need?

A home gym has many advantages. So you can save time and put more training sessions into the day. After all, the trip to the gym often takes 15-20 minutes each way, so you have to take a lot of time for an extensive workout. Assuming you had your gym in the garden, you would have more training time and you would reach your training goals much faster.

However, the costs are always very important. If you decide to go to the garage or the basement, you first need the space. You also need a garden. However, in most cases this is not very densely built up, so that there is almost always space for training towers.

In the basement you not only have worse air, you also have to think about how to attach rings or other objects. With a TOLYMP tower you don't have this problem. Because with a gymnastics bar from our company you can attach as many additional items as you like. The rings are suitable for the exerciser and the swing is more suitable for the very small ones.

Basically, you should divide the sports equipment you want into must-haves, good-to-haves and nice-to-haves. That is not always easy. However, you would lay a good foundation with TOLYMP. You can add modules or add more equipment at any time.

You can also put your barbell down by the towers and use it like a power rack. Squats, deadlifts and other movements with weights are also possible in TOLYMP towers.

Normally, supplements are also sent much faster. You will have your delivery with you in just a few days. In addition to our training towers, protecting the ground is also important in some cases.

For this we also offer protective plates in the corresponding category.

Many advantages of outdoor fitness equipment

More and more people are opting for outdoor fitness equipment as an alternative to training in the gym. There are many benefits that come with this choice. For one, it's a great way to enjoy the fresh air and natural sunlight. In addition, the body is trained and strengthened in a varied way. Outdoor fitness equipment also offers flexibility in terms of where and when to exercise. They can be placed in public places such as parks or on your own property. This means that the equipment is always easily accessible and ready for outdoor training. The best part is that there is no subscription and therefore no monthly costs. With this cost-efficient and at the same time effective training experience, nothing stands in the way of a health goal.

Robust outdoor fitness equipment from TOLYMP - Large selection for outdoor sports

If you are looking for high-quality and robust outdoor sports equipment, TOLYMP offers you an excellent selection. As a renowned manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment, you can take full advantage of the products to do active sports outside.

Outdoor fitness equipment from TOLYMP

  1. robustness: TOLYMP outdoor fitness equipment is particularly robust and durable. They are specially designed for outdoor use and can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions.

  2. Large selection: At TOLYMP, you benefit from an extensive selection of outdoor fitness equipment. The range extends from pull-up bars, horizontal bars and wall bars to complete outdoor fitness stations that enable various exercises.

  3. Quality directly from the manufacturer: By purchasing TOLYMP sports equipment directly, you receive first-class quality and can be sure that the equipment meets the highest requirements.

  4. Individual design options: TOLYMP gives you the opportunity to customize your outdoor fitness equipment. For example, you can choose colors and materials that best suit your personal taste and environment.

  5. Easy construction: TOLYMP's outdoor fitness equipment is designed so that it can be set up quickly and easily. Detailed instructions and mounting materials are included so you can easily install the devices yourself.

  6. Sustainability: TOLYMP attaches great importance to sustainability and uses environmentally friendly materials and processes in the manufacture of sports equipment.

  7. service and advice: At TOLYMP you not only get high-quality outdoor fitness equipment, but also comprehensive advice and support. The competent team is available to answer your questions and will help you to select the right devices for your needs.

Outdoor fitness equipment is an increasingly popular way to stay in shape, exercise and have fun at the same time. From cross-training exercises to various bar formations to stationary classic fitness equipment such as bench presses to outdoor bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups and dips, hanging arms and climbing, there is a variety of outdoor fitness equipment for people who want to work up a sweat in the great outdoors.

One of the benefits of outdoor fitness equipment is that it is often easier to motivate yourself when you exercise outside. The fresh air and natural surroundings offer more inspiration than a gym and make it easier to stick to the training program. Additionally, many outdoor fitness equipment is made of stainless steel specifically for weather conditions, so you don't have to worry about the outdoor fitness equipment being damaged by rust or water damage. They are also ideal for group training.

Finally, investing in quality outdoor fitness equipment allows for a variety of different workout options without having to rely solely on traditional cardio training programs like jogging or running. For example, some models offer pull-ups for strength training exercises, others enable boxing exercises - without the risk of injury from hitting a solid surface such as concrete or pavement. Perfect for anyone who wants to increase their punching power and protect their joints at the same time!

All in all, there are many reasons why investing in quality outdoor fitness equipment can be beneficial for those who want to stay fit and healthy while having fun! From the benefits of convenience to the increased motivation of exercising in nature, there's no denying that this type of exercise is becoming increasingly popular with people looking for a new, exciting way to challenge themselves physically!

If there are still any uncertainties, please feel free to contact us.
We would be happy to take the time to address your concerns and advise you free of charge and without obligation. Good customer service is high on our priority list.