Are the TOLYMP products certified according to DIN 16630 and DIN 1176?

Most of our devices are certified according to the relevant DIN standards for use in public areas, eg parks, freely accessible playgrounds and sports fields.
These certifications were carried out in close cooperation with TÜV Thüringen and guarantee problem-free commissioning and long-term safe operation of the system.
The underlying norm is the TÜV standard DIN EN 16630:2015-06. Stationary outdoor fitness equipment.
Alternatively, there is also the possibility of certification DIN EN 1176., which is required when using the equipment on playgrounds. We support you comprehensively and of course free of charge.

To ensure that your project is planned and implemented quickly and safely, we offer you the following consulting services:

– Planning of the construction of the system according to TÜV guidelines
– TÜV-compliant execution of the floor design
– Selection and delivery of fall protection from our wide range of products
– Initial commissioning of the system

TÜV Thuringia 16630