Is an assembly service available to install the apparatus?

We don’t provide an assembly service ourselves, as the high travel costs would make this uneconomic for our customers.

However, a fitting plan and general assembly instructions are provided with every item that we sell, which should make it possible to assemble and install the apparatus at your own premises with just a little practical skill. We recommend that assembly should always be carried out by two people.

Professional assembly:
If you would prefer to have the apparatus assembled by a professional on your behalf: Many customers have approached a local gardening specialist, who can assemble the unit for you.

It is likely that you already have, and perhaps know, a suitable business in your local area.

Otherwise, take a look at, where you can obtain a list of suitable, local businesses by entering your postal code.

Planning the assembly:
In the “Additional Information” section of the relevant product page, you can find an assembly diagram setting out all relevant dimensions and details. Alternatively, you can visit the Download area with a listing of all available PDF downloads.

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