1.How are the workout bars secured to prevent them from coming apart?

Bars are held in place using two M12 screws which are screwed into the tubing from both ends.
A CNC-milled rotating component is welded into the tube to hold the M12 screws in place.


The contact surface between the rotator and the upright has been machined to create knurling, leading to increased frictional resistance between the two contact surfaces. This principle works very effectively and creates an effective, stable link between the workout bars.

Quick adjustment without tools: As a special option, we offer a quick adjustment solution, which consists of two M12 star-stud screws with a strong, plastic handle
This allows you to loosen the workout bar without using any tools for a quick height adjustment.

Schnellverstellung der Turnstangen      Schnellverstellung ohne Werkzeug

2.Which height adjustments does the workout bar support?

Stainless steel training apparatus with a maximum height of 240cm: The bars can be adjusted to 24 heights at 9cm intervals, supporting heights between 15 cm and 240 cm.

Stainless steel training apparatus with a special 300 cm height: The bars can be adjusted to 30 heights at 9 cm intervals, supporting heights between 15 cm and 300 cm

Please note the dimensions provided on the relevant product pages in each case.

In addition to normal fitness and strength training, sling trainers, mounted, incline benches and gymnastics rings, etc., can all be used on the bar.

3.How strong are the workout bars and the other workout elements, and how much weight can they bear?

Every training item (workout bars, dip bars, human flag bars, rung ladders) supports a weight of up to 150 kg.

4.Are the workout bars also available in different widths?

The standard width of 140 cm is sufficient for normal training activities. If, however, you still require wider bars, please contact us so that we can find a solution together.

5.Are rubber fall protection plates available for upholstery?

On public playgrounds you will often find plates made of rubber, which are laid under the playground equipment as a fall protection.
These sheets of rubber granules are ideal for the design of the substrate under our play and sports equipment.

We can deliver these plates to you and work together with one of the leading German manufacturer of fall protection elements, the company WARCO from Neustadt an der Weinstraße.
Here you can find more information about the products and an order possibility

6.Can the bar also be used to attach a swing?

Yes. You can also hang a swing for smaller children off the bar, and many customers do so. The easiest way is simply to wrap the swing cables around the bar. The following customer photo explains the principle, using larch wood workout bars as an example

For larger and heavier children, it nevertheless makes sense to obtain proper A-shaped swing apparatus.
Otherwise, due to strong lateral forces, there is a risk that the foundations could become loose and the apparatus could begin to wobble.

7.Won’t the stainless steel get very hot in summer due to sunlight?

Fortunately, this fear is not justified in practice. Instead, the stainless steel reflects the majority of the heat, so that the horizontal bars and uprights merely remain warm to the touch.

8.Can the workout bars also be assembled as a mirror image?

Yes; all our products can be assembled as a mirror image of the diagram. If, however, you’re not quite sure or if you have even more specific ideas, please speak to us first. Our inquiry form is available here, and we will respond with a detailed answer.

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