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Completely made of V2A stainless steel. For Calisthenics, street and fitness workouts as well as a trim device or climbing tower for the whole family. Expandable with sling trainer, rings, bands, etc.

Many of these gymnastics bars are also suitable for use in public areas and are certified by TÜV Thuringia.

TÜV standard DIN EN 16630:2015-06. Stationary outdoor fitness equipment
or DIN EN 1176, playground equipment

Our product experts will advise you extensively on all questions relating to:

– Structure of the system according to guidelines
– TÜV-compliant design of the floor design
– Selection and delivery of fall protection from our wide range of products
– Commissioning of the plant

Double horizontal bar Zugschwitze

698  - 1.082 

double bar Zugschwitze

659  - 1.043 

Single horizontal bar Starterhorn

459  - 780 

300 cm single bar Starterhorn

619  - 692 

Double bar larch-V2A

349  - 634,01 

Simply gymnastic bar larch-V2A

239  - 466 

Multi pull up bar

328  - 378 

Gymnastic bar for the garden - calisthenics and fitness workouts

A gymnastics bar for the garden is a well-known and popular device for gymnastics in the garden or in competitive sports. Garden gym bars are often made of wood or V2A stainless steel and can also go by the name horizontal bar or gymnastics bar be known. You can find the corresponding gymnastics bars not only in gyms or at competitions, but also on almost every playground or garden. There are some simple basic exercises that can be done without much experience and are therefore suitable for all age groups. A gymnastics bar for the garden is therefore a useful and versatile piece of sports equipment for the home and can also serve as decoration. This allows everyone to train their physical fitness and strength in a playful way. It is also suitable for calisthenics and fitness workouts.

What is a turn bar?

A gymnastics bar is a piece of sports equipment that can be found in many fitness and training rooms and is used to train the arm muscles. This is usually a long and narrow pole attached at both ends. The gymnastics bar can be made in different lengths and materials and is often equipped with special handles to enable a better grip. Training on the gymnastics bar not only strengthens the arm and torso muscles, but also improves coordination and balance. Whether as part of the fitness program or as a piece of equipment in recreational sports - the gymnastics bar is a versatile and effective training tool.

Who is a turn stage suitable for?

These bars are most popular among middle-aged children. Since they are often found in gardens, playgrounds or schoolyards, they primarily appeal to children's age groups. However, not only children can practice on these gymnastics bars, but also adults. Because such gymnastics bars can often be found in outdoor parks or fitness studios. They offer a good way to train the body and do a daily workout.

Outdoor gymnastics bars from TOLYMP

The TOLYMP outdoor gymnastics bars are perfect for anyone who would like to train outside. With our outdoor gymnastics bars you can effectively improve your back muscles, shoulders and arm strength. Our outdoor gymnastics bars are made of strong material and have a durable and weatherproof surface that will not be damaged even in heavy rain. Install a TOLYMP outdoor gymnastics bar in your garden or park and train like a pro.

Gymnastic bar made of stainless steel for guaranteed longevity

Stainless steel gymnastics bars are an excellent investment in safety and durability. The heavy duty stainless steel gymnastics bars are made from high quality stainless steel which means they will not rust or corrode. You can use the stainless steel gymnastics bar for years and don't need a special maintenance program to ensure that it stays in good condition. The stainless steel gymnastics bar is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and offers maximum protection. You can rely on our gymnastics bars to guarantee your safety as well as the safety of others.

Buy a gymnastics bar - it's really easy in the TOLYMP online shop

If you're looking for a gymnastics bar, you no longer need to wander around the store. With our online shop you can easily find the perfect gymnastics bar for your needs. Our shop offers a variety of gymnastics bars in different sizes and designs, so there is something for everyone. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you're sure to find a gymnastics bar that's right for you. The online purchasing process is simple and straightforward, so you can order quickly and conveniently at home.

What width and height should the post and pole be?

If you choose a gymnastics bar where the stainless steel posts make it possible to mount the gymnastics bar at a wide range of heights, the posts are usually over 3 meters long. The minimum length of a pole should be 120cm, but 130-140cm is better.

But not only the length, but also the diameter itself is crucial for a good product. The ideal diameter of the rod is a thickness of 30-35mm. This is not as thick for children and is the optimal grip width for adults.

How high does a gymnastics bar have to be attached?

The optimal height always depends on the size of the person who wants to practice on the gymnastics bar. A device that can be adjusted in height is therefore ideal. How high the gymnastics bar should be also depends on the type of exercises that are to be carried out on the gymnastics bar.

In order to make the device child- and adult-friendly, we recommend a design with as many height settings as possible. In order to be able to cover every age group and every variation of exercises and tricks, gymnastics bars with a height adjustment of 15-300cm are the best and most sensible investment.

Exercises on the gymnastics bar

Whether young or old, everyone can do gymnastics on a gymnastics bar. The entire upper body musculature can be trained on such a gymnastics bar. On the one hand there are exercises that strengthen the arm, back and shoulder muscles and on the other hand there are numerous exercises for the abdomen.

hip lift

For this exercise you have to stand in the middle in front of the gymnastics bar so that the distance between your chest and the gymnastics bar is no more than 10 cm. Then you should grab the gymnastics bar with both hands so that your palms point towards you.

Use your preferred swing leg to gain some momentum. The more practice you have, the smaller the swing movement should be. The momentum must be taken into an upward movement of the legs and pelvis.

It is important to get your pelvis as close as possible to the gymnastics bar and at the same time swing your legs over the gymnastics bar. The upper body follows the movement of the legs and you roll up over the gymnastics bar until you are upright again.

Now the weight no longer rests on the floor, but on the pelvis above the gymnastics bar. The hands remain tightly gripped on the gymnastics bar throughout the entire process. With this upswing you have reached the optimal starting position for all further exercises.

hip swing

It is started from the starting position, which is reached when one finishes the upswing. To do the hip swing, you need to bend your shoulder slightly forward over the gymnastics bar so that a hip bend occurs.

Then pull your legs back so that you are stretched backwards. The momentum must be used because it quickly goes back down until the shoulder is vertical. The student then has to move backwards and the legs go forward, creating a slight bend in the hips. The hips are pressed against the gymnastics bar. And the rotation takes place all by itself.

L slope

The L-slope technique is not particularly complicated. For this exercise, the gymnastics bar should be as high as possible so that your legs do not touch the floor when hanging on the bar with your arms outstretched.

The L-hang involves holding a certain position of the legs for as long as possible. If you hang on the gymnastics bar with your arms and legs stretched out, you have to raise your legs until your feet are at hip height.

Then it is important to hold this position for as long as possible. The important thing here is not to suddenly release the tension at some point, but to bring the legs back down slowly and still stretched.

The basic position is similar to leg raises. The difference is that the L-hang involves holding a specific position and the leg raise creates a dynamic movement. When doing the L-hang, you hang stretched on the pull-up bar and lift your legs until your feet are at hip height. Then there is this position to hold for as long as possible.

Build your own gymnastics bar or buy it?

With a gymnastics bar, the stability of the posts, made of stainless steel or wood, and the correct assembly of the gymnastics bar are the be-all and end-all. If you build your gymnastics bar yourself, there are still costs involved, as the posts and bar have to be purchased at a hardware store.

To ensure safety when practicing, it is recommended to buy a prefabricated device and then set it up in the garden.

What should you consider when purchasing?

If you want to buy a gymnastics bar for your own garden, you should definitely make sure that it has a diameter of between 30-35mm. It also makes sense to choose a device that is easily adjustable in height, because if the children are of different heights, the height of the gymnastics bar can be adjusted to suit each person. Our TOLYMP gymnastics bars meet exactly these requirements.

This means that even adults can easily do gymnastics on the pole. You should also consider whether you want to buy a single or double bar. A double bar offers the opportunity to set up two gymnastics bars next to each other at different heights. This offers the advantage that you don't have to adjust the height for each exercise or that people of different heights can do gymnastics at the same time.