Training with rings / gymnastic rings is an excellent fitness exercise and is also very popular in the calisthenics environment. Due to the instability of gymnastics on the hanging rings, the body and muscles are much more stressed than with purely static exercises on equipment. It is important for the body and its muscles to react to this instability with strength and endurance.
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Gymnastic ring set made of sanded plywood


Gymnastic rings made of black ABS plastic


Buy high-quality gymnastics rings for even more sport and fun at TOLYMP

Would you like to buy gymnastic rings? Then you've come to the right place. We have specialized in the distribution of gymnastics equipment as well as extensions such as gymnastics rings, climbing nets or swings. This has the positive effect that the whole family can enjoy physical activity and children grow up with healthy sport.

After all, more and more kids of primary school age are overweight and often also suffer from motor disabilities. In order to protect your adolescents from this, you should introduce them to sports at an early stage. Our gymnastics equipment are ideally suited for this. So you can let your creativity run free and do sports at the same time. The gymnastics rings are particularly popular here. It doesn't matter whether it's wooden gymnastics rings or gymnastics rings made of other materials. After all, every material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Parents can work out and do cross training or calisthenics exercises on the gymnastics bar. The rings for gymnastics made of wood effectively work many muscles. Sometimes no machine in the gym can do that. In the gym you train more to build muscle like in bodybuilding, although many are only concerned with general endurance.

In addition, the gymnastics rings are extremely well suited for cross training. More sporting goals are also pursued here. If your kids do gymnastics, the rings are essential. After all, this is not only useful and helpful for muscle training, but also for sporting competitions and gymnastics.

Since our fitness equipment is outdoors, training is again much healthier. The fresh air is really good and promotes the cardiovascular system. We also only use high-quality stainless steel and only offer very few devices made of wood. The quality is reflected in the price. However, with us you benefit from your investment for much longer.

Specialty store vs. TOLYMP: Where should you buy gymnastic rings?

The gymnastics rings are also available in many specialist shops. However, you must not forget that the prices in sports shops are significantly higher. You can buy them from us with the same quality but much cheaper. You will also receive high-quality advice from us.

Our Mr. Brinkmann is at your disposal at any time and looks forward to your message or your call. No matter what question you have about our products, we are happy to answer them. You can also read our reviews. We have more than 1.000 positive customer reviews on ProvenExpert.

However, you not only save money, but also a lot of time. You don't have to drive to the nearest specialist shop, which can sometimes be very far away. While you are planning your sports garden, you can order online from us and benefit from all conceivable advantages.

Special features and noteworthy additional functions

With gymnastics rings you can train your entire body. However, this is very strenuous, which is why it is also a competitive discipline. Surely you have heard of ring gymnastics and competition execution in this context.

The training device is definitely functional and also ensures a healthy posture. That is the reason why the ring set is extremely popular with us in the accessories. The wooden rings are simply the perfect complement and should actually be part of the basic equipment.

However, a gymnastics ring is not just a gymnastics ring. They are available in many different versions. For example, they are available with no-slip straps, which prevent slipping and thus ensure more safety. In addition, there are also particularly robust gymnastics rings that can withstand up to 400 kilograms.

In addition, some models have extra long nylon straps. No matter what you choose, you can always adjust the lengths individually. But make sure that you choose a product with ABS plastics. This makes the wooden rings particularly stable and strong. There are significantly more features such as the advanced anti-slip thread design. But these are extras that you only need as a professional athlete.

If you have already placed your trust in gymnastics equipment from us, then you have the advantage of being able to assemble and install it quickly. Simply use the bar on the gymnastics bar to attach it. After all, this extra is quickly set up and taken down again.

Training exercises can be found either on our blog or clearly on YouTube. In some cases, free e-books are also offered on the Internet, although we expressly warn against viruses or other malware.

Many athletes in the field of cross training already rely on our articles and thus have a significantly more effective workout. After all, the rings are not only weatherproof, but also durable and can stress the whole body.

When it comes to gymnastics rings, look for quality instead of price

Regardless of whether the gym rings are for your kids or if you want to use them yourself, you should never save on the price and thereby buy inferior gym rings. After all, it could otherwise lead to nasty injuries. Some gymnastics exercises are done upside down. It would be more than fatal if you fell here because the rope or something similar broke.

You should never skimp when it comes to sports and health. That's why you should also spend a few euros more for this equipment.

Gymnastic rings - why you should train with them!

Similar to the sling trainer, the principle is based on instability of the muscles. Eventually, the ropes will wobble, requiring you to use all your strength to fix and stabilize them. This makes training exercises such as pull-ups or dips much more strenuous and demands more from your body.

Here, too, you use the deep muscles, which are responsible for high performance. Among other things, the deep muscles prevent injuries. A healthy posture is also actively promoted.

You also don't put as much strain on your wrists. Finally, the gymnastics rings can be rotated so that you can move your wrists freely during training exercises. This is often not possible in the gym. Here you perform rather rigid movements, which is good for the muscles, but rather superfluous for functional athleticism.

This means that not only one muscle group is primarily used, but the entire body. You can only do a full body workout with the rings and keep yourself fit and healthy. This applies to kids as well as adults and also to pensioners. The whole family can keep themselves young and healthy with our gymnastics equipment and extensions.

After all, sport is the best old-age provision of all.

Who can we recommend our premium gymnastics rings to?

The gymnastics rings are not only suitable for advanced users, but also for beginners who are just starting their training. After all, it is a good device that trains the entire body. Even the legs are stressed by the constant tension. Nonetheless, you should train your legs separately. For this we offer the TRX straps in our online shop.

Basically, you don't need the TRX Band for single-leg squats. We presented this training exercise to you in the guide to the sling trainers. Because you can also simply grab the gymnastics ring and balance yourself with it. Do not forget that other training options are possible on the sling trainer.

If you are often at home and do not have time to go to the gym, such a home gym solution is perfect for you. If you have chosen one of our fitness machines, you can spontaneously go to your garden and train your entire body in just a few minutes.

If you want something, you will find solutions; if you don't want something, you will find excuses. In this way, you can set an example for your child in the correct and healthy lifestyle and convey the right values. Gymnastic rings can be easily attached to the gymnastics bar so that you can quickly train your core area.

The gymnastics rings are versatile. Children like to play around with these and get to know their bodies better. Adults, on the other hand, are more focused on training and want to keep fit. No matter what your goal, our adjustable gymnastics rings are perfect for your project!

This is how you can exercise even better!

The more muscle groups you can activate with one movement, the better. After all, this is much more strenuous, so you can exercise even more effectively. Do you know the Muscle Up? This movement is very difficult and requires a certain level of fitness. Now to the movement execution of the gymnastics rings:

You sag and then do a pull-up, re-grip at the top position, and then do a dip. Now hold yourself in the upper support position and go into the L-sit. Pros can push into a handstand from this position, which is extremely complicated, tiring, and requires a lot of training.

Basic exercises are definitely enough to start with. Don't overexert yourself, just take it step by step and improve every day. It's enough if you're better than you were yesterday.

Purchase decision: Gymnastic rings or rather a pull-up bar?

Since you're probably a bit older, let's talk about the health benefits first. When you grab a pull-up bar, it's rigid and immobile. You cannot move your wrists freely, which puts an unnatural strain on them. It's fundamentally different for them.

They hardly put any strain on the joints and also protect the elbow joints. After all, you can move everything freely, which is also an excellent training effect. A completely natural movement and rotation is not possible with the pull-up bar. Overuse injuries are not uncommon here.

Depending on how determined you are, you should decide on the gymnastics rings. Not only do you have a greater variety of exercises, but you also put a lot more strain on your body. The only disadvantage here is that it is very difficult to adjust the width of the pull-up with the gymnastics ring set.

It's also sometimes very humiliating at first, as you can hardly do a training exercise successfully. After all, at the beginning you have little body tension and probably a rather weak musculature. Nevertheless, you should not give up.

Wooden rings or dip bars?

Dips can basically also be performed with the rings made of wood. However, the dips with the rings are much more strenuous. Eventually, the gymnastic rings move, so you have to recruit a lot more stabilization muscles.

Many argue with the complex structure of the dip bar, which we see as a modular addition. If you already have gymnastics equipment, the dip bars can be easily attached. The effort here is minimal and in the long run even less than with gym rings.

However, it takes up a lot of space that could be used for other purposes. Gymnastic rings have the advantage that they are much more space-saving. If that is the crucial point, then you should go for these items.

Otherwise, the points that have already been mentioned for the pull-up bar also come into play here. The joints are spared and you are much more flexible in the selection of exercises.

Gymnastic rings for children and adolescents

There are special models and variants exclusively for kids. After all, they often have rather small hands, so that the rings cannot be completely grasped. The lack of a grip also means that you can't train properly, as the stability suffers greatly as a result.

That's why the diameter of the gymnastics rings is a little smaller for the kids so that they can grip it better. Women can also train with them, so they don't have to be changed. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the resilience. The ropes are always designed in such a way that any body weight can be carried safely.

Straps, ropes as well as the rings of the gymnastics rings can be exchanged at any time. These also have a long service life, so it is a one-time investment.

Gymnastic rings made of wood or plastic?

The material is a decisive factor in the purchase of gymnastic rings. These are either made of wood, plastic or metal. However, many have the question of whether to use wood or plastic. In the linked article we go into more detail on this question.

On the one hand there are the visual aspects, but the grip is also an important aspect. For example, this is significantly better with the wooden rings than with plastic. Also, although it's wood, you don't have to worry about picking up a splinter. It's all polished and well finished.

However, if you use the gymnastics rings outdoors and don't always want to hang out, you should perhaps opt for the plastic version. Because the wooden rings are not weatherproof. The aging process would be accelerated. You can detach the wooden rings every time, which would definitely be annoying in the long run.

Exercises on the gymnastic rings

We wrote a blog post on this topic. There we present significantly more training exercises. However, let's briefly touch on two important training exercises. That would be the muscle-up and the L-seat.

We have already described the muscle-up. Here you use almost all of your body muscles. Your upper body is subjected to massive strain. It takes a lot of effort from your chest, back, shoulders, abs, triceps and even your legs.

With the L-seat you are in the upper support and now stretch your legs out in front. Try to keep your knees and ankles together and stretch your legs out as far as you can. Basically, it looks like you're sitting on the floor.

However, you should be careful to keep your lumbar spine straight. Otherwise, your lower back could be negatively strained, which will have a negative impact on your body in the long term.

How do you attach the gymnastics rings and what is important when it comes to spacing?

If you were already a customer and for example the Zugschwitze bought, then the attachment and assembly is particularly easy. We have written separate instructions for this in our blog. For cross training or similar sports, the birch wood gymnastics rings can be hung up as desired. Mounting on the ceiling is also possible.

You also determine the distance in this way. We have also explained in detail in a blog post what you need to consider here. Basically, you should choose a distance of about shoulder width. Too wide or too narrow would not always be great for the shoulder joint.