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Fitness equipment made of V2A stainless steel for permanent outdoor installation.
These devices are extremely robust and are characterized by a modern and visually appealing appearance.
You can get various devices from us, e.g. cross trainer, rowing bench, leg press, back strength station, chest press, etc.

Outdoor fitness equipment - for seniors and adults

Fitness and health are topics that are becoming increasingly important in everyone's everyday life. Regular exercise and the right diet are the be-all and end-all for a healthy life. Staying fit can be done in a variety of ways.

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think about fitness is the gym or sports club. But to keep fit you don't necessarily have to be registered with a club or studio. Nowadays there are already many outdoor parks where you can train on outdoor fitness equipment completely free of charge. With the different equipment, all muscle groups in the body can be used, so that the entire body is trained after training.

What is outdoor fitness equipment?

Outdoor fitness equipment such as calisthenics and fitness stations are firmly anchored in the ground and can be used outside all year round. In terms of function and appearance, outdoor fitness equipment is very similar to the usual training equipment in the gym.

They are usually made of stainless steel to make them weatherproof. They offer training enthusiasts the opportunity to train outdoors. These fitness equipment can also be used in calisthenics sports and can therefore often be found in parks designed for this purpose.

Who are the devices suitable for?

In principle, outdoor fitness equipment is suitable for everyone, with the exception of children. Whether young people, adults or seniors, depending on the exercise and its execution, there is something for everyone. Even people with physical disabilities are not excluded from training on fitness equipment.

Where can you find the fitness equipment?

This type of fitness equipment can largely be found in outdoor parks built for this purpose. These parks offer people the opportunity to exercise for free and independently. Such parks are reminiscent of a gym, with the difference that training takes place in the fresh air and nature can be integrated into the training.

Some devices can also be found in conventional city parks, which you can then use while jogging and doing your daily workout.

Different devices

Similar to the usual fitness studios, there is a large selection of outdoor fitness equipment. Different machines train different muscle parts of the body.

leg press

The leg press strengthens the leg muscles. The thigh muscles in particular are stressed by moving the legs up and down.

chest press

The chest press puts the focus on the upper body. It is important that the handles are at chest level. The seat height should be adjusted accordingly. At the same time, you need a firm footing and your knees should be at a 90-degree angle.

Cross trainer

The cross trainer is a piece of sports equipment that evenly trains and stresses the whole body. By pulling and pushing the arms, all arm muscles, as well as the chest and shoulders, are strengthened. The leg movement engages the muscles from the feet up to the lower back and pelvic floor. The cross trainer also improves endurance and trains coordination.

rowing bench

The rowing bench focuses on the upper body muscles. Above all, the arm, back and shoulder muscles are stressed here. Training on a rowing bench promotes strength, endurance and mobility.

What is the goal of outdoor fitness equipment?

Basically, these devices should give people the opportunity to train outside in the fresh air as if they were in a gym. The devices are intended to ensure the creation of movement areas and attractive free space. Exercise is a top priority when it comes to a healthy life, and outdoor fitness equipment promotes the whole thing.