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Cross training barbell Owl6

TOLYMP Outdoor Rack: Extra robust. extra power.

Are you looking for a rack that can withstand maximum strength training and particularly high loads? Would you like to increase your training success outdoors on the same level as in the gym? Our TOLYMP outdoor racks combine everything that a power rack needs for the garden - in a compact area. Steel V2A stainless steel, practical quick adjustments and a variety of possible combinations make even the strongest bodybuilder's heart melt.

Combination is king: put together your outdoor rack individually

You can make one directly in our shop Tower with barbell holder, dip bars and different gymnastic bar heights (e.g  our TOLYMP Towers) or your rack individually in one free 3D planning put together. Thanks to the clever modular system our racks are extremely modular and you can also expand your rack into a large play and sports station for the whole family. Our accessories from offer you even more variety in strength training gymnastics rings up to Battle rope.

Excellent quality so that your outdoor rack can withstand any workout

Whichever combination you choose, you can rely on our TOLYMP quality. We guarantee you that with a 10-year guarantee on rust-free and welded seams. All racks and rigs are direct Made from high-quality V2A stainless steel in the Osnabrück region of Germany. This also makes your rack particularly fast – in 2-3 weeks- in your garden. Incidentally, most of our stations are also certified by TÜV according to DIN EN 16630, as they meet special safety requirements. So that you can really power in wind and weather for years, your rack is concreted into the ground (on request for unscrewing, e.g. for fitness studios.) This ensures maximum stability and prevents annoying wobbling. Each individual element can be loaded up to 150 kg.

Now it's time for extra motivation in your garden or do you have any questions? Talk to us, your personal product expert will help you with all questions from planning to assembly.

TOLYMP Cross All


TOLYMP Cross More

3.985  - 4.283 

TOLYMP Cross High

3.914  - 3.954 



Neverest Max


TOLYMP Cross Basic

2.695  - 2.993 

Maxout Tower


Starterhorn All-in-one fitness equipment



1.169  - 1.869 

Dip Buin Duo with hanging rod


Dachsteig duo

1.432  - 1.581 

Dip Buin

940  - 1.252 

Double horizontal bar Zugschwitze

698  - 1.082 

Starterhorn with multi pull-up bar


300 cm single bar Starterhorn

619  - 692 

Dip bars, dip station made of V2A stainless steel, length 70 cm

399  - 448 

Multi pull up bar

328  - 378 

Barbell holder professional version

229  - 249 

Training with the TOLYMP Outdoor Rack

Would you like to train outside in the fresh air and be able to rely on a high-quality rack? Then an outdoor rack from TOLYMP is just right for you!

Our robust and weatherproof half racks in different sizes offer you a safe and effective outdoor training experience. Each outdoor rack is made of high-quality steel and offers maximum stability and security. We are sure that you will be delighted with our outdoor racks and look forward to providing you with the perfect training device for your needs!

High-quality materials for your outdoor rack

Are you looking for a high-quality outdoor rack or half rack for your outdoor training? Then we have the perfect solution for you.

We focus on quality and only process high-quality V2A stainless steel. This makes our racks and rigs particularly durable, rustproof and stable.

We are so confident in our quality that we give a 10-year guarantee on rust-free and welded seams. All our products are manufactured directly in the Osnabrücker Land in Germany. With TOLYMP you can rely on a reliable and sustainable solution for your outdoor rack.

Fast delivery of our Half Racks Outdoor

We give you the opportunity to receive your own outdoor rack within 2-3 weeks, which meets the highest safety requirements and is TÜV-certified.

To ensure maximum stability, the outdoor rack is concreted into the ground and each individual element can take a load of up to 150 kg. So you can train in wind and weather without restrictions and achieve your fitness goals. And the best thing about it: On request, our stations are also available in an interchangeable version in order to offer the best solution for fitness studios as well.

Order your outdoor rack now and get fit and strong anytime!

Individual design of your outdoor rack with a free 3D plan

Would you like to customize your outdoor rack and are you looking for a way to do it professionally? With us you have the opportunity to have your Half Rack Outdoor put together according to your ideas in a free 3D plan.

Our experienced employees are specialized in implementing your wishes and developing a tailor-made solution together with you. We attach great importance to high quality and an attractive appearance.

Take the chance now and design your personal outdoor rack that is not only functional but also stylish.

We look forward to planning and realizing your dream rack together with you.

Possible exercises with a TOLYMP Outdoor Rack

A TOLYMP Outdoor Rack offers you many opportunities to complete a comprehensive full-body workout. Here are some exercises you can do with this versatile piece of exercise equipment:

  1. pull ups: Hold onto the top bar with your hands, arms slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar. Then lower your body back down. Make sure you perform the movement in a controlled manner.
  2. Dips: Rest your hands on the parallel bars and lift your body off the floor. Bend your elbows and lower your body until your arms form an angle of about 90 degrees. Then push yourself back up.
  3. Lift a leg: Hang from the top bar and lift your legs straight forward until they are parallel to the floor. Then lower them back down. This exercise is excellent for your abdominal muscles.
  4. TRX exercises: If your TOLYMP Outdoor Rack is equipped with TRX straps, you can do a variety of exercises such as rowing, planks or mountain climbers.