TOLYMP calisthenics systems for the police and army

In recent years we have implemented numerous projects for the police and army sectors.
In the following, the process and the end result are described in more detail using the example of a calisthenics system for the federal police training center in Diez.

Why is sport so important for these groups of people?

Sporting activities and regular physical activity are of great importance to these individuals as they contribute to improved physical performance and thus contribute to their readiness and ability to serve.

Good physical condition is of great importance for most military activities, especially for operations in difficult terrain or on long marches. Good physical condition can also help staff to be more resilient and resilient to psychological and physical stress.
In addition, exercise can help people develop better body awareness and feel more self-confident. Regular exercise can also help people deal better with stress and keep a positive attitude.

Calisthenics installation at the Federal Police in Diez

This system was designed together with the customer for simultaneous use by around 30 recruits.

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Free 3D planning for your Training parkour.

Our scope of services

  • 3D planning and creation of the complete tender documents
  • Production and delivery of the system according to customer requirements
  • Foundation and installation of the system
  • Delivery and installation of the fall protection plates
  • TÜV acceptance according to DIN EN 16630 by our experts

Initial acceptance of the calisthenics station in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 16630