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Sling trainer - buy high-quality sling trainers from TOLYMP

If you are looking for an effective piece of fitness equipment, then you should consider a sling trainer. At TOLYMP you can buy high-quality sling trainers that allow you comprehensive training. This type of training is particularly effective because it engages your entire body and targets many different muscles. If you're looking to buy a sling trainer, you're getting a versatile piece of equipment that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Rest assured that TOLYMP products meet the highest quality requirements and are designed for a long service life. If you choose a TOLYMP sling trainer, you can be sure that you are making an excellent investment in your health and well-being.

Sling trainer door - the advantages at a glance

A sling trainer door is an excellent way to help fitness enthusiasts make their workouts even more effective. As a company we offer high quality sling trainers that can be easily installed with a separate bracket on the door. Buying a sling trainer like this is an inexpensive way to get a full body workout without going to an expensive gym. The benefits are clear: sling training improves your flexibility, endurance and strength. With a sling trainer door, you can do the training from the comfort of your own home and monitor your progress directly. If you are looking for a reliable and effective sling trainer, you should visit us at TOLYMP and buy a sling trainer.

Sling trainer wall mounting or ceiling mounting - what are the differences?

Differences between a wall-mounted sling trainer and a ceiling-mounted one can mainly be found in the freedom of movement of the exerciser.

A sling trainer ceiling attachment enables a greater amplitude of movement and therefore a larger range of exercises, as the sling trainer is usually attached higher to the ceiling and therefore offers more freedom.

A wall-mounted sling trainer, on the other hand, limits the exerciser's mobility somewhat, but can be a good choice if you have space problems or can't find a suitable spot on the ceiling.

However, it is important to ensure that the wall or ceiling mount is strong enough to support your body weight. Improper attachment can result in serious injury.

We at TOLYMP do not offer sling trainers with wall or ceiling attachments.

Rehape sling trainer from TOLYMP - low prices with high quality

Do you want to stay in shape and are you looking for high-quality training equipment that is tailored to your needs? Then TOLYMP is the right place for you! Our Rehape sling trainer combines unique quality with a fair price, so that you can benefit from effective and affordable training. The Rehape sling trainer offers you numerous training options for your entire body. With its simple and space-saving design, it is perfect for training at home or on the go. At TOLYMP we place the highest value on quality and customer satisfaction. That's why we offer you our Rehape sling trainer at an extremely attractive price.

Convince yourself of our offer and get your body in shape with the Rehape Sling Trainer from TOLYMP!

Sling trainer with pulley - these are the advantages

A sling trainer with a pulley offers a number of advantages compared to a simple sling trainer:

  1. Increasing the variety of exercises: A pulley allows the direction of the pulling movement to be changed, resulting in a greater variety of exercises as movements in different directions are possible.
  2. More flexibility: A pulley increases flexibility because the user can attach the sling trainer at different angles and heights to train different muscle groups.
  3. increase in intensity: A pulley allows exercises to be intensified because more weight or resistance can be added as the ropes pass through the pulley.
  4. Less stress on the suspension: Because the pulley distributes the exerciser's weight more evenly across the suspension, this can contribute to less stress and therefore longer suspension life.
  5. Improvement of posture: The ability to attach the sling trainer at different angles allows exercises specifically aimed at improving posture to be performed.

Overall, a sling trainer with a pulley offers a wider range of exercises, more flexibility and intensity, and less stress on the suspension.

Buy a sling trainer for your bodycross training at home

If you want to achieve your fitness goals in your own home, then purchasing a sling trainer is definitely a smart decision. With our bodycross sling trainer you can carry out an effective full-body workout and specifically strengthen your muscles. At TOLYMP we offer high quality sling trainers for sale that are specifically designed for home use. With them you can easily improve your training routine at home and increase your body awareness.

We are happy to help you buy a sling trainer. Learn how to buy our sling trainer and get the most out of it.

Sling trainer Whole-body workout without additional fitness equipment

With a sling trainer you can do an effective full-body workout without additional fitness equipment. Here is a small overview of effective training exercises that stress your entire body and help you keep fit even from home.

Please note that it is important to maintain the order. Always try to do the strenuous exercises first, as these will help you build the most muscle strength. These muscle groups are necessary for the entire organism and help with everyday tasks and challenges.

  1. Single leg squats
  2. Push Ups
  3. Rowing with your own weight
  4. Tricep Pushdowns

Single leg squats

The leg muscles are particularly important and can prevent many injuries. Also, this exercise burns a lot of calories and can be very tiring.

  • Grab the handles and step back until there is slight tension on the straps. Your arms should form a straight line.
  • Now lift a leg of your choice up so that you are only standing on one leg. Keep your arms straight to keep your balance.
  • Now squat with your leg and try to go down as low as possible. stand up again

Push Ups

Adjust the size of the sling trainer so that the handles hang about 25-35 cm off the ground. Hang your legs in the slings and form a straight line with your legs and back parallel to the floor. Now start with the push-ups. Make sure you never fully straighten your arms and keep your palms straight.

Rowing with your own weight

This exercise primarily uses your back muscles, which are essential for a straight back.

  • Grab the handles and lean back. Hold yourself with your arms. You can now move your feet further towards the attachment.
  • Pull yourself up with a straight upper body and then lower yourself back down in a controlled manner.

Tricep Pushdowns

This exercise primarily uses the arm muscles.

  • Stand with your back upright to the TRX band and grab the handles.
  • Bend your elbows and lean forward a little. Bring your arms over your head and then push yourself back up to the starting position.

For more details please in our blog post about sling training.