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This is not a toy from the love area, but a piece of sports equipment that has been in use for several years. With the sling trainer you can effectively promote the whole body. Every muscle group can be used and the difficulty is often underestimated. It is very strenuous to use your own body weight as a training weight with the sling trainer.

The sling trainer has been used in sports for ages. In addition, the sports equipment is now also used for the physiotherapeutic treatment of back pain. The studies conducted so far have not yet gained any clear insights. However, many users report a positive effect.

Training principle of the sling trainer

The sling trainer is based on the training principle of instability. This is also an advantage over the classic gym. Because stabilization muscles are only promoted in very few cases in the gym. The movement executions on machines are already specified and only have to be executed.

Training with the sling trainer not only focuses on strengthening the muscles, but also on muscle coordination. This way you get to know your body better and develop a much stronger body awareness.

As soon as you get used to the instability and have built up muscles, you can also use pulleys to continue to support and implement the training principle.

Furthermore, the sling trainer is not necessarily intended for larger muscle groups. Rather, the small and deep-seated muscle groups should be addressed, which is also hardly possible with typical strength training. Again, you can play with the training weight by changing the angle between the body and the floor.

Furthermore, the sling trainer can also be used very variably. For example, you can attach it to the ceiling, a branch or a pole. Many of our customers choose pole mounting because ours gymnastics equipment ideal for this.

What is a sling trainer?

This is a rubber-padded sling attached to heavy-duty plastic straps. The installation is different as you could read in the previous chapter. In order to be able to carry out exercises, you put your arms and legs through the loops or you grab the bars, for example to do push-ups.

This has two fundamental advantages:

  1. You can do very strenuous exercise.

  2. Your joints are relieved.

Why should you choose this training?

Sling trainers can loosen up any training plan and provide variety. However, this is not easy training, but intensive exercises that perfectly support strength training, calisthenics or cross training. The difficulty and intensity can be changed in different ways and thus always remain flexible so that the organism does not get used to the current training.

Suspension training is also recommended after injuries. After knee surgery, you should not put weight on your leg for a long period of time. The disadvantage of this is that the patient loses muscles over time, while the other leg continues to be strengthened. This can happen, for example, after a cruciate ligament tear or severe inflammation of the patella tendon.

To build muscle again, you can do exercises such as squats or lunges with the TRX Band. But not only that is a significant advantage, but also that you train stabilization muscles. We have already briefly mentioned this aspect.

There are many machines in the gym that are operated while seated. However, this trains the core of the body only marginally. The stabilizing muscles are completely neglected. But if you want to improve in the long term, you should also use them effectively. One possibility would be the sling trainer.

To go into a bit more detail here, let's discuss isolated and integrated training in sports. Isolated training is known from typical bodybuilding. There you try to use specific exercises to promote individual muscle groups so that they grow. The integrated training has its origins in rehabilitation. Injuries and illnesses can be better dealt with.

But we will come back to this aspect a little later.

Basically, one can say that imbalances can be repaired. Because you are basically looking for the center of your body and have to constantly rebalance your center of gravity. In contrast to the gym, not only individual muscle groups are used, but entire muscle chains. Your deep muscles are so extremely stressed, which can prevent many injuries.

Who can sling training help?

Sling training is extremely space-saving. If you have a garden with a tree, you can always hang up and take down your TRX Band there. In addition, it is also very effective and provides many advantages - even in competitive sports. Athletes for whom muscles are particularly important should definitely rely on this fitness device and buy a sling trainer.

Many customers are swimmers, handball players, soccer players, fitness athletes or even bodybuilders. There is actually everything and you can't really narrow down the target group. After all, the sling trainer is now also used to treat back pain.

However, a certain body tension is necessary for use. That's why you should have been physically active in advance before you start using the sling trainer.

Sling trainer: assembly and installation

As already mentioned, attachment to one of our sports equipment is best. However, the investment amount is then slightly higher. But if you are a sports enthusiast, you should not shy away from it. Health and athleticism is always important and how practical is a training station where you can do exercises with your own weight?

Children also find our gymnastics equipment great. After all, you can add wall bars or something similar to this and create fun for the whole family. You may be pursuing sporting goals yourself and model sport for your children at home. Since more and more children of primary school age are overweight, this aspect is decisive for the child's development.

If this mounting option is not an option, you can also use a door anchor. You clamp this article between the door and the frame and can then hang up your sling trainer there. The attachment method is done in a few minutes, so you can take the sling sling trainer with you on vacation to do your training there.

The only important thing is that you make sure that nobody opens the door. Because then the door anchor falls off and you crash to the floor. Despite everything, you cannot prevent such injuries.

In addition, you can also attach a solid steel plate to the wall. It doesn't really matter whether it's the ceiling or not. In this case, make sure that the wall has sufficient load-bearing capacity. Otherwise it could give way. This type of assembly takes much longer.

Information about the sling trainer set - advantages and disadvantages

While this is a rock-solid product and we've already listed a few pros, there are also some cons that we need to discuss. Ultimately, you then have to decide whether or not a suspension trainer is worthwhile for you. We cannot make this decision for you.

A downside is that it can be very tough for absolute beginners. Because a certain body tension is required. This can still be adjusted halfway via the angle, but the deflection rollers make it much more difficult.

In addition, you can't do sports in quick succession. Because if another exercise is to be carried out, the suspension trainer must first be reset. This takes a lot of time, so it can sometimes be time-consuming.

As already mentioned, this is only a useful addition to strength building and fitness and sports training. You can build up a lot of strength initially, but at some point the extent is limited.

It is also more of a total body trainer that provides a certain level of fitness. If you have other or more ambitious goals, then you should also go to the gym or purchase our calisthenics and cross-training equipment. It is better to follow a uniform approach like calisthenics and supplement it with the sling trainer.

On the other hand, there are many advantages. Firstly, there is the price. Because a good and high-quality set costs very little and you can keep fit and healthy with this one. Anyone who does not pursue extreme goals will be completely served with a sling trainer.

You can also train muscle groups that you would never reach in the gym. For a really fit and strong organism, the Suspension TRX Band is essential. In addition, postural damage is prevented because the postural muscles are stressed. This is much more the case with TRX Sport than with other sports.

As you have seen in the chapter on installation, it is also very easy to take the item with you on holiday or to transport it. At the same time you can do countless movements and address many muscle groups.

In order to increase the training level, you don't have to use weight and thereby strain your joints, you can simply change the angle between the body and the floor.

Lower body exercises are much more comfortable to perform because of the rubber and also more effective. In addition, muscle endurance and strength endurance are primarily promoted. If you need to boost your cardiovascular system, you can do that perfectly here. It doesn't matter what your current fitness level is.

Interim conclusion on the advantages and disadvantages

The trainer is actually perfect for home training and workouts as well as for the gym. Because not only muscle groups are promoted, but the entire body stability and coordination. However, the sling trainer should not be viewed as the sole training device, but should be used as a supplement.

You learn to consciously control and use your organism. Unlike many other machines in the gym, you develop a lot more body awareness. You end up strengthening your entire core and core muscles, thereby improving your overall performance.

But it is not only extremely helpful and supplementary for sports enthusiasts, but also for formerly injured people. If you take a closer look at the monthly costs of a fitness studio (fees and expenses), then the decision is often much easier.

Sling trainer Whole-body workout without additional fitness equipment

So that you can start your training effectively right away, we have put together a small overview of effective training exercises. In this way you can use your entire body and keep fit from home. This is particularly helpful for improved health and well-being. If you already have children, set a good example for them.

It is important that you keep the order. You always try to do the strenuous exercises first because you can build up the most muscle strength with them. These muscle groups are necessary for the entire organism and help with everyday tasks and challenges.

  1. Single leg squats

  2. Push Ups

  3. Rowing with your own weight

  4. Tricep Pushdowns

See the blog post for more training exercises.

Single leg squats

The leg muscles are particularly important and can prevent many injuries. Furthermore, the muscle group of the legs is also the largest in the human body. So this training exercise burns a lot of calories and can also be very tiring.

  1. Grasp the handles and step back until there is slight tension on the straps. Your upper extremities should form a straight line.

  2. Now take a leg of your choice up so that you are only standing on one leg. Keep your arms straight to keep your balance.

  3. Now squat with your leg and try to go down as low as possible. Stand up again.

As already mentioned, this is the largest muscle group in the human body. In addition, you also use your stomach and upper extremities. Since you have to keep your balance, you also use the deep muscles of your leg.

Push Ups

You have to adjust the size for this. The handles should hang about 25-35 cm off the ground. Now hang your legs in the loops and form a straight line with your legs and back parallel to the floor. You probably know push-ups.

Now start with that. It is important that you never straighten your upper extremities completely and keep your palms straight. When you lower your upper body, you want to go as low as possible to engage more muscle fibers.

This training exercise is particularly strenuous for the chest muscles. Add to that auxiliary muscles like your triceps and shoulders, as well as your entire core. Once you get used to this exercise, you can vary the intensity by changing the angle to the floor.

Rowing with your own weight

Here you primarily use your back muscles, which are essential for a straight back. Many elderly people experience back problems over time. This can be prevented, among other things, by using a suspension trainer.

To do this, grab the handles and lean backwards. Hold yourself with your arms. You can now move your feet further in the direction of the attachment so that it is perpendicular to your feet. However, you control the intensity by doing so. Initially, it's also okay if the angle to the ground is larger.

Then pull yourself up with a straight upper body and then lower yourself back down in a controlled manner. Watch out for controlled movements here and don't get hectic.

Tricep Pushdowns

In this training exercise, the arm muscles are primarily used. Many middle-aged women complain about so-called wink arm. That's what hangs down when you wave it and doesn't look particularly solid. To train against this, you can do this training exercise on the suspension trainer.

To do this, you must stand with your back upright to the TRX band and grip the handles. Now bend your elbows and lean forward a little. Bring your arms over your head and then push yourself back up to the starting position.

How much does the sling trainer at TOLYMP cost?

We offer two different versions here. First we have the product called TRX GO and the classic sling trainer. The prices hardly differ here. For an aerosling, please contact us directly.

The TRX GO costs €149 and the normal one costs €145. You can order these in the shop or on Amazon. You can also find some of our products there. It is important to us that you remember that you can use your gymnastics equipment perfectly as a fastening option.

You can also make your workout a little more exciting and challenge yourself a little more. Grandparents can also use this device to keep fit and protect their joints and practice prevention.

You can find out whether there are good TRX alternatives on the linked page.

Extensions or products with or without a pulley? Where are the differences?

At the beginning of the article we briefly discussed deflection pulleys. In principle, this makes the workout and training much more demanding and you can increase the intensity. However, we want to deal with this topic again in detail so that everyone knows what to expect.

If you opt for a sling trainer without a pulley, you should still be a beginner. You have significantly more stability in the movements, which makes the training rather easy at the beginning. There is also a cost aspect. Without a pulley, it is significantly cheaper and the ropes and belts last longer.

But if you want a sling trainer with a pulley, then you have an article for advanced users. Due to the higher instability, you also have to have more body tension and use significantly more strength to do so. Users tell us that the intensity can be adjusted almost continuously.

How does the application in the 2019 training course look in practice?

Since there are always many confusing instructions to be found on the Internet, we want to be a little more specific and structured here. If you are already advanced, you can safely skip this chapter.

In the beginning, a workout and training takes about 20-30 minutes. Your entire organism is then claimed and challenged. However, you should never overexert yourself, but slowly get your passive musculoskeletal system used to the strain. In the long term, you can demand more and more from your body.

A training exercise always lasts between 2-5 minutes. That depends on whether you're doing the moves for time or for reps. If you concentrate on time, you primarily promote your strength endurance. For reps, it's overall strength.

As a training tip, we would like to point out the correct execution again. You can find a complete training plan in the linked blog post. You should also pay attention to the quality of the ropes, straps and loops. That is why we cannot recommend that you build the sling trainer yourself. It would just be too dangerous.

Basically, as a beginner, you should rest enough during and after training. Muscle groups don't grow while you're exercising them, but while you're resting them after exertion. Since your body is not yet used to such a load and even the deep muscles are strained, you should take a break of about 48-72 hours and not exercise the strained muscle group again during this regeneration time.

If you are already active in sports, you can determine your own level. All you have to do is answer the following questions for yourself.

How fit are you?

  1. How often and how regularly do I exercise? Do I sweat when I exert myself?

  2. What injuries did I have and with which movements do I still feel them?

  3. What is my goal?

  4. How much time do I have anyway?

If you are honest with yourself here, you will often be disappointed with your own performance. However, a start is always possible and not only at the beginning of the year. Adjust your expectations accordingly and don't overwhelm yourself.

Closing words

TOLYMP specializes in fitness equipment and gymnastics equipment. Our vision is not only to promote child development, but to keep the entire family fit. We also want to support sporty people to be able to perform even better. That's why we also rely on gymnastics bars and other cross-training equipment made of stainless steel, so that you get more out of your investment.

After all, health is the foundation of a happy and long life. Sport is the best retirement plan and it's never too late to start physical activity.

What are you waiting for? Order your sling trainer today and start or improve your training!

We look forward to you.