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The Slingtrainer Basic Set offers everything you need for sling training. It includes the REHAPE Sling Trainer, the optional-use spacer for higher training intensity and 7 exercise posters with helpful training suggestions.

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Content of the Slingtrainer basic set:

  • a REHAPE® Sling Trainer
  • a spacer
  • a six-part poster set plus 1 poster basic instruction sling training

The REHAPE® Sling Trainer Spacer made of solid wood provides additional instability and therefore even more effective training - not only for advanced users. It is easily fixed between the ropes with two screw-on metal closures and can be quickly inserted or removed as needed.

The six easy-to-understand and clear posters show you how to properly and effectively shape your workout - whether for the abdomen, back, shoulders, trunk or legs - and how to easily adjust the training intensity to your personal level. An additional poster explains the basic procedure when training on slings.

Whats the effect of sling training with the Rehape Sling Trainer

The Rehape Sling Trainer simply and effectively implements the ingenious idea of unstable training. Through the automatic and constant involuntary compensatory movements of the musculature of the exerciser, the exercises in the slings effectively reach deeper underlying muscle groups, which are so important for a healthy posture without back and joint complaints. Also known as suspension training or sensomotor rope training, practicing slinging offers intensive opportunities for use, from physiotherapeutic exercise therapy or sensor motor training to recreational sports in the home studio to top-level sport.

Slings training aims to improve stability, coordination, sensomotor function and general muscle strengthening.

Water-repellent hand straps of the sling trainer

In the hand straps, most of the testing and development work is done on the REHAPE® Sling Trainer, because you not only have to withstand continuous daily use in studios and surgeries or at home, but also have a pleasant grip. The latest Sling Trainer loops are also breathable, water and oil repellent by adding a special fiber.

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