Weight training - real powerhouses for your workout in the fresh air

All STREET BARBELL devices are characterized by their extremely robust construction that has been proven over the years. 

Ideal complement to TOLYMP stations

We at TOLYMP are proud to offer what we consider to be the best outdoor strength equipment as an ideal complement to our Calisthenics and Crossfit facilities.
The design and special biomechanical layout of the equipment have been continuously developed in cooperation with competitive athletes and sports physicians. 

Built for outdoor use

To protect against weather and rust, all STREET BARBELL equipment is double coated and galvanized, making it extremely low maintenance. The rails on which the weights are moved are made of stainless steel, as are the joints. Through the measures, the devices meet the extremely high requirements for durability, weather resistance and protection against theft and vandalism in particular.

TÜV certified for public use

All STREET BARBELL weight training equipment is TÜV certified and complies with all applicable EU standards, including. DIN EN 16630:2015-06 for site-bound outdoor fitness equipment.
Click here for one of our reference projects.

Plus-LINE for training while sitting

Training on the STREET BARBELL + LINE outdoor equipment can also take place while sitting. The devices have a foldable seat and can thus also be used as an alternative training option for people in wheelchairs. Not only in the daily use of the outdoor area training is possible, also indoors - with an optimal room height of 280 cm - each device can be mounted and used without any problems.


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