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A station specially designed for outdoor crosstraining: Two pull-up poles, a 3-meter bar for gymnastic rings, dip bars, rung ladder, monkey bar, human flag pole, climbing net and a barbell holder (accessory)

A fully equipped facility for numerous training options, also excellent as a central training device, usable by the whole family. Various adjustment options and purposes.

Stable, durable and maintenance-free design, made entirely of V2A stainless steel.

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  • Length 70 cm
  • Length 150 cm

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Leaves nothing to be desired - TOLYMP Cross High with full equipment

  • The Monkey bar is 100 cm wide and has 6 rungs, all individually adjustable.
    Numerous extensions can be used here: sling trainer, straps, ropes, even a children's swing can be easily installed here (see photos).
  • The two pull-up bars can be adjusted in 25 steps from 15 cm to 240 cm.
  • The vertical rung ladder in 100 cm width has 6 rungs, which you can mount individually in 9cm grid
  • The climbing net is already included in the delivery and can be adjusted in height by adjusting the upper gymnastic bar. As a result, the level of difficulty in climbing up for children can be increased gradually.
  • The dip bar can alternatively be delivered in a bar length (70 cm instead of 150 cm). The bar width can be freely defined during construction.
  • The 3 meter high stretch bar in length 180 cm already has the new professional gymnastic bar with firmly welded tabs and larger wall thickness. This is very suitable, e.g. for attaching gymnastic rings.
  • The Human-Flag pole is often used by children, but then preferably as a fire brigade pole.

    The illustrated barbell holder, however, is not included and is available as a product option.

Stable construction, made entirely in V2A stainless steel DIN 1.4301.

Our outdoor gym products are characterized by the use of high-quality material and a professionally executed and high-quality workmanship.
The material is completely machined, all welds are clean.
We provide a 10-year warranty on welds and rust-free.

The stainless steel components 

Our products are characterized by the use of high-quality material as well as a professionally executed and high-quality workmanship. The material is completely machined, all welds are clean.

The dimensions of the vertical posts are 80 x 60 mm and a reinforced wall thickness of 3 mm.

Steelwood Starterhorn Edelstahl-Komponenten


Adjustment of the gymnastic bars

Execution of the chin-up bar 
The attachment of the gymnastic bar as well as the adjustment of the height is done by means of two M12 star knob screws.
For this purpose, the turn bar has a CNC machined turned part at both ends, which is equipped with one M12 thread each. In addition, the two contact surfaces are provided with a knurl to the post to effectively prevent spinning of the rods.
The adjustment of the turntable height can thus be made without the use of tools.

Execution of the 3 meter high gymnastic bar
This professional gymnastics pole has on both sides a welded stable holding lug, which is fastened per side with 2 x M12 screws and is screwed securely with rounded cap nuts.

Assembly and installation of the equipment

In principle, the equipment can be installed at any installation site. The posts are secured in concrete foundations, which are approx. 60 cm deep. The stainless steel posts are cemented directly into the cement, the wooden posts in galvanized wooden post anchors.

To ensure seamless installation, you will receive:

  • All the required fixtures and fittings. The only thing missing is the ready-mixed concrete (sacks of concrete mix are available at hardware shops)
  • Assembly instructions, incl. foundation plans and elevation sketches
  • Threaded rods incl. screw connections for millimetre precision alignment of the equipment

Alignment using threaded rods

The parallel, perpendicular and exact alignment of the posts is of huge importance for stable installation of the equipment. By using the M12 size threaded rods and the horizontal bars, the equipment can be exactly aligned before concreting. This way, the distance of the posts will be ensured with millimetre precision until the concrete hardens.

Floor design

Lawn can be used for the floor, but fall-protection mats or sheets have better properties. These items are available from specialty stores in square or rectangular shapes and in different colours. In comparison to grass, these mats offer better protection against falls.

Principle sketch

Floor design with fall protection plates

Steelwood Starterhorn Gewindestangen

Use of threaded rods

Further information

Technical specifications at the top of the tab TECHNICAL DATA
Dimensional sketchat the top of this page at the pictures
Product information as a PDF filestart PDF-download
360 ° round view

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FAQat the page FAQ
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Data sheet
Required floor area including edge areas400 x 350 cm
Grundfläche nach DIN EN 16630 bei öffentlicher Aufstellung720 x 700 cm - 50,4 qm
Number of pull-up bars2 bars
Execution of gymnastics barsmade of polished V2A stainless steel, diameter 33.7 mm, wall thickness 2.5 mm, length 140 cm
Height of gymnastics barsGymnastic bars adjustable in 9 cm grid between 15 and 240 cm (optional 300)
Post dimension and wall thickness80x60x3 mm
Dip barswith dip bars in length 150 cm, height 110 cm or 120 cm mountable, diameter 43 mm
Dip bars dimensionsLength 70 cm, diameter 43 mm, height freely selectable max. 130 cm
Ladderwith ladder
Ladder dimensionsWidth 100 cm, diameter 34 mm, consisting of 6 rungs individually adjustable
3 meters special heighta pole in special height 300 cm for gymnastic rings
Human-Flag baravailable with Human-Flag pole
Burdenup to 150 kg per training element
Monkey-BarWidth 100 cm
Test live in 3D

Per app in the garden

Place the gymnastic bar virtually and realistically in your garden.
Your family and friends will be amazed.
Also check the size directly at the planned location.

That's how it works

1. Download the AUGMENT app on your tablet or smartphone


2. Open the product on your mobile device and click the button
  Open TOLYMP Cross High

Thus, the station loads in the AUGMENT App.
Watch demo video

Product Options
Dip bar Length
Dip bar Length

Length of the bars of the dip bars

Length 70 cm
Length 150 cm

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