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TOLYMP gymnastics bar: Our bestseller for your daily workout

The sun is shining and the fresh air in the morning makes you want to do an individual workout? The only thing missing is the right gymnastics equipment? Then you've come to the right place with us. With the TOLYMP gymnastics bar, we offer you our bestseller for your next training session. You can use the horizontal bar for various gymnastics exercises, but it is also ideal for strength training. Our gymnastics bar was specially developed for outdoor use and is suitable for both the home garden and public places (TÜV-tested according to DIN EN 16630). We only use high-quality materials such as European larch wood and V2A stainless steel.

With the TOLYMP gymnastics bar, you are choosing premium sports equipment that can be adjusted to suit your training plan and expanded with accessories. For years of joy in your workouts.

Premium gymnastics bars from TOLYMP

TOLYMP gymnastics bars offer an excellent opportunity to give your body an intensive and effective workout. Our gymnastics bars are made of durable material (V2A stainless steel) and were specially developed for use in private fitness studios. The gymnastics bars are adjustable at different heights and thus enable individual adjustment to the user's height. Thanks to the sturdy construction, you can rest assured that these gymnastics bars will last for years. If you are looking for the best for your body and fitness, then you should definitely take a look at our premium gymnastics bars. With our gymnastics bars you can be sure to complete an effective and intensive workout that shapes your body and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

At TOLYMP we are confident in the quality of our gymnastics bars, so you can trust that these premium devices are built to last.

What is a gymnastics bar anyway?

A gymnastics bar is a device that is mainly found in the field of gymnastics. It consists of two or more vertical posts firmly anchored in the ground and several horizontal bars attached between the posts. These bars serve as handles on which athletes can support themselves and perform various exercises such as pull-ups, swings or dips. A gymnastics bar can be made of different materials, such as wood, metal or plastic. It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used by both children and adults to improve their strength and coordination.

This is how a gymnastics bar from TOLYMP is constructed

The TOLYMP gymnastics bar is a robust and high-quality piece of equipment made up of several elements. It consists of two vertical posts that are firmly anchored to the ground and ensure the stability of the device. In between there are several horizontal bars on which you can perform various exercises. The special thing about our gymnastics bars is that they can be built up modularly. This means that you can add or remove additional elements as needed. The TOLYMP gymnastics bar is therefore flexible and can be individually adjusted. In addition, it is characterized by its high resilience and durability, so that you will enjoy it for a long time.

Turnreck Outdoor - these advantages are offered by a TOLYMP product

For outdoor enthusiasts, there is nothing better than a product that is built to withstand rigorous outdoor use. That's what the TOLYMPT Turnreck Outdoor has to offer. With this device you can increase your fitness outdoors without compromising safety. Our outdoor gymnastics bars are made of robust material and have a high load-bearing capacity. With its different grip options, the gymnastics bar can be used in a variety of ways to challenge the body from different sides. In addition, it can also be used by children, helping to promote their physical development. The TOLYMPT Turnreck Outdoor is therefore a great investment for everyone who is looking for active leisure activities.

Gymnastic bar for the garden

A backyard gym bar can be a great addition to any family that loves outdoor activities. A robust stainless steel construction ensures that the device is resistant to all weather conditions. The material does not rust and stays in top shape for a long time. A height-adjustable gymnastics bar is particularly useful for families with children of different heights and helps you to enjoy your device for a long time. Make sure there is enough space in the garden to install the bar safely and stably. Your family will have hours of fun and your kids will improve their strength and coordination. A backyard gymnastics bar is a worthwhile investment for any family looking to improve their fitness and well-being.

High quality gymnastics bars for adults

Adult gymnastics bars are ideal for anyone looking to improve their fitness and mobility. Whether at home or in the gym, these exercise machines offer a variety of exercises such as pull-ups, dips and leg raises. With a sturdy construction and non-slip handles, they are safe and easy to use. The best part is that they come in different sizes and colors to adapt to any decor. Invest in a quality high bar and improve your fitness today!

Buy a gymnastics bar - this is how you assemble a TOLYMP gymnastics bar

Having a gymnastics bar in your own backyard is a dream for many. With TOLYMP you now have the opportunity to make this dream come true. But how do you actually assemble the gymnastics bar? First you should check all parts for completeness and integrity. If everything is in order, you can start building. All you need is a drill and possibly a wrench. The assembly instructions are simple and understandable and all parts are numbered and labeled. If you follow our step-by-step instructions, assembling the TOLYMP gymnastics bar shouldn't be a problem.

Height-adjustable gymnastics bar - our TOLYMP gymnastics bars are so easy to adjust in height

Our gymnastics bars are not only durable and safe, but also height adjustable! All of our gymnastics bars can be safely adjusted in height in just a few steps. Whether you're a professional gymnast or just looking for a sporting activity, our gymnastic bars are customizable.

The height is adjusted using clamps and screws and can be carried out quickly and easily. With our height-adjustable gymnastics bar, we guarantee you long-lasting enjoyment and maximum benefit!

Individual planning of your gymnastics bar

Our single gymnastics bars have one gymnastics bar, our double step variants have two gymnastics bars. Each of our gymnastics bars can be expanded at any time thanks to our innovative modular technology. If you contact us, we will design your individual gymnastics bar in our TOLYMP 3D studio free of charge. You or your children will have hours of fun with our gymnastics bars, because you can always rely on the usual TOLYMP quality. For the finest quality, for example, we manufacture our gymnastics bars entirely in Germany (in the Osnabrück area) and guarantee this with a 10-year guarantee on rust-free and welded seams. Since the bars of the gymnastics bars are anchored in concrete, they not only withstand the wild ups and downs of the children, but also the vigorous workouts that are typical of calisthenics. Do you want to refresh your fitness routine and plan your training? Then watch our exercise videos on YouTube or follow the TOLYMP page on Instagram!