This is what we stand for

Ulrike Driemeyer and Arno Driemeyer

Ulrike and Arno Driemeyer
Founder and Managing Director of TOLYMP GmbH

Our claim: Better health through exercise in the fresh air and years of enjoyment at our stations. We always want to get a little bit better. Better in the use of our devices, the materials, the quality and honest sustainability. We achieve this through our production in Germany and our cooperation with strong, regional partners. And through our cooperation with athletes and families who test and help develop our products in real life. 

In the end, you get a product that advances your training, promotes your kids' skills and brings your employees together. 

Outdoor DNA

Our motto: by outdoor fans for outdoor fans. We know what you value.

Natural materials

We only use V2A stainless steel and European larch wood.

Made in Osnabrueck
and environment

We rely on short delivery routes and regional production in our homeland.

Social Commitment

We work closely with workshops for the disabled and
support local clubs.

full service

From the floor design to the Assembly: With us you get everything from a single source.

10 years warranty

With us you get quality that keeps what it promises. We give you our word for that.


Whether production or office: we are always working on solutions that can make us even more sustainable.

TÜV-approved safety

On quality and safety you have to look at Game & Sport can leave 100%.

Quality & Made in Germany

You've probably noticed that quality means something different to everyone. That is why we rely on proven quality standards such as the TÜV standards DIN EN 16630 and 1176. We manufacture our products where we can guarantee the best quality.

With our self-produced stations and gymnastics bars (except for accessories) this is 100% in Germany - namely in our home town of Osnabrück and the surrounding area.

What else you should know: We do not accept any compromises when it comes to the quality of our products. That's why you get our promise of quality and our 10-year guarantee with every TOLYMP station.

Manufacturing stainless steel
High-Quality Materials

Durable materials

For a consistently high quality, we rely on a complete Development and production in Germany from high-quality raw materials such as V2A stainless steel and European untreated larch wood. Certified and established manufacturers support us with devices that we do not produce ourselves.

Social Commitment

Our wood production and packaging takes over the workshop for the handicapped, curative education assistance in Osnabrück. This involves a wide range of work steps and the employees in the workshop can choose which tasks they would like to take on.

wood fabrication
Tolymp team

Paperless Office & Remote Work

We're always trying to get a little bit better. This also applies to the issue of sustainability. We are proud that we were able to completely digitize our processes and now live the paperless office concept. Our Employees are based in the greater Osnabrück-Münster area and work 100% remotely - so there is also no emissions for daily commuting.